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Spring Charleston Trip | Christa Rene Photography

Last weekend, we put the laptops aside, the flip flops on, and still had the cameras in our hand for a mini trip to my FAVORITE city besides Greenville… Charleston!!!

It was one of the last weekends Julia (my trusty second-shooter and one of my besties) and I had off before weddings came in full swing, and this a trip we’d been dying to take! Yes, we’d been to Charleston before and survived even though I picked like the sketchiest hotel (well, actually it was a motel… my bad!) to stay in (I still feel horrible about that), but this day was all about sunshine, downtown, and the beach instead of work!

Edward (my incredible boyfriend) and one of our besties Blake came along too, and I’m SO glad we captured some unforgettable moments!

ALSO, Julia took some pictures of Edward and I that I’m DYING over and HAD to share!!!! They’re literally my favorites. Like after Julia sent me the gallery she had to tell me to calm down I was so gitty/about to cry I loved them so much!!

Here’s some favorites from our Charleston trip!
I didn’t pose them for this one….Oh Julia!!! You are so so gorgeous!Edward managed to get some of us that were in focus and where our feet weren’t cut out after Julia kindly said “Hey Edward, can we get one with our feet present?” He’s getting good!! I didn’t pose them for these either…

Hey there cutie 😉Obsessed with the architecture in this city!
Ok!! Here’s some of my faves Julia took!!He’s been to enough engagement sessions assisting me he already knew not nuzzling wasn’t an option 😉
My back really hurt later that day haha!

So there’s a little recap of our trip! And hopefully we’ll be back there soon!


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