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Why Should I Print My Images? | Christa Rene Photography

It’s no secret that we LOVE prints!! And we love explaining WHY we love prints. Many have realized the value and love of prints without even realizing it! Others may not have really gotten to enjoy their images to the fullest due to lack of prints.

Here are a few reasons we believe in prints- whether through wall art, albums, or loose prints!

To SEE the photos frequently! We’ve all been eager to post an image we LOVED and felt GREAT in that we were excited about. But how often is that image looked back on? Maybe a couple times to see how many “likes” it got? And then it’s often just buried away and not truly enjoyed. Images in your home printed out are on display to see EVERY day! Without even thinking, I find myself starting at the photos of Edward an I, lost in the memories of when it was taken and our story.

To have heirlooms in your home. Yes, prints are heirlooms! We offer several gorgeous options to display in people’s homes and on their walls. And these aren’t meant to be thrown away. Even if rearranged, these images are moved through the home to be seen and enjoyed for life! All who enter will love being part of your story!

To ENJOY your photos right away. It’s bittersweet when I hear of families or couples printing images from a session YEARS ago. I’m so happy they’re printing now, but the images could have been enjoyed so much further if they had been printed right after the session. They could have been started at that joyful moment relived each day when walking by. We love ensuring this season is enjoyed to the fullest!

All of our clients have a personal meeting beforehand to go over the full vision and details for the session! After, we find the best custom heirlooms to ensure these images are seen and enjoyed for the years to come! We would love to chat about setting up your session!


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