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Five Tips for Shooting a Smoother Wedding Day | For the Photographer Friday| Christa Rene Photography

A new For the Photographer Friday post is here!!! And today is perfect for those about to start shooting weddings!!!

I’ve found 5 practical tips to allow my wedding days to go WAY smoother and have way less mishaps!

  1. Save the couple’s timeline on your phone lock screen. This makes it super easy for me to see their timeline right away!
  2. Have your wedding gear ready the night before you shoot the wedding. This helps me not only sleep better knowing everything is set for the day, but makes my morning WAY easier! I’m less likely to forget something or run behind because it took longer than expected!
  3. Save buffer time in the timeline! I had a wedding where part of the bridal party was 30 minutes late. But I was able to assure the bride it was alright and we’d be ok. Why? Because I had so much extra time built in that this was true! And it’s one of my favorite weddings!
  4. Plan to arrive at least 30 minutes early. I know it sounds crazy, but we often can’t tell what the exact lighting will be like until the day of. This gives us time to scout what the location is like in the current light, and also time to come in and introduce ourselves to the mother of the bride and bridesmaids before we start shooting! Plus if you get stuck in traffic, you aren’t worrying too much!
  5. Pack snacks & drinks! This has given me WAY more energy when I eat and drink mid-wedding. My friends gave me a Lilly Pulitzer cooler for my birthday last year, and it was the BEST. GIFT. EVER. I bring some water and Gatorades, along with granola bars and crackers for Julia and I to refuel!


I hope these tips are helpful as you prepare to shoot your next wedding!! Happy shooting!!


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