Make 6-figures from Portraits

Make 6-figures from Portraits
Make 6-figures from Portraits
Make 6-figures from Portraits
Make 6-figures from Portraits
Make 6-figures from Portraits
Make 6-figures from Portraits

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I’m Christa, a photographer turned business coach

Profitable Through Prints & Heirlooms

photographers - go from burnout to


After 10 years in this industry, I’ve photographed hundreds of portrait sessions and weddings, and now coach growing photographers- whether they’re learning their first camera, or ready to scale just from portraits by adding in products.

I was feeling STUCK in my business. Until a mentor came alongside and showed me what was possible when you UNCAP your offerings, and serve clients at a higher level. Since then, I haven’t looked back, and now teach burnt out wedding & portrait photographers how to make more while working less.
I’m a wife, a mom to our baby girl, and a favorite pastime includes long walks with our little Shih-Poo, Maggie, movie nights with the family, and dinner dates downtown.

A South Carolina Photographer turned Business Coach.

Hey y'all! I'm Christa


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How to go from $0-$1k months with your photo hobby! 

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In 20 minutes you could finally learn how to book new clients consistently, what to post, what you're WAISTING time doing in your business and how to have strong referrals.

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In this 20-minute class, you'll learn how to get clients excited about prints & heirlooms, what you're WAISTING time doing in your business & how to never be capped again and open the door to $1-6k portrait session sales!

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- Holly

Having Christa as my coach has benefitted my business greatly! She helped me establish marketing plans that actually work and do not just involve Instagram. She has given me the tools to be profitable as a portrait photographer and avoid burn out.

I truly enjoy being both a photographer & business owner again!


- Jessica

I'm thrilled! Her program is packed with valuable information that really changed everything for me.

I had my most profitable month while only having a handful of amazing sessions!

the reviews

She was tired of not making enough money, and now has a $3k+ average on portrait sessions! Her first sale after our program was $3300!

Client Case Studies: Michelle


Nicole is exceeding the revenue she made last year in just the first 5 months of this year... shooting less and making an average 3x more per session with portrait session sales up to $3k!

Client Case Studies: Nicole


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