How to Offer Prints to Your Clients

Chances are your system works like this:

  1. Email the inquiry back.
  2. Book the inquiry if they say yes.
  3. Show up and photograph the session.
  4. Send a gallery link after with an online store attached.

And I get it, I did the same thing… for YEARS! Even when clients asked for other print options, I’d refer them elsewhere. I had my system and was set!

BUT THEN I had a mentor show me that I could serve clients SO much better, grow my business sustainably, and have limitless income by offering heirlooms OUTSIDE the gallery and chancing how I structured my sessions.

Since I had been feeling burnt out by seeing what I’d need to take on to hit my goals, and really craved that higher touchpoint with my clients to serve them better, I dove in!

And within years grew my average from a $400-500 portrait session to a $3,000 average by offering products with my portraits outside the gallery! And I want to share how.

Share the value of having heirlooms from their session.

My goal isn’t for clients to have this time remembered on a Facebook album or wayyyyy back on a camera roll, but to see and enjoy daily on the walls of their home! I explain why having me take care of this for them and taking it off their plate allows their images to be enjoyed do the fullest.

Offer these prints *OUTSIDE* the gallery.

Clients aren’t buying from your gallery because it’s overwhelming. They don’t know the size, frame, or image needed to look best in a space from looking at their phone/computer screen in their gallery! I’d be overwhelmed too! Instead, have an appointment where you sit down, show them samples, and guide them through what would be best for their home.

Uncap your session structure.

By charging $400 then sending a big gallery to your client, mentioning you can help with other print options, then calling it a day… you aren’t going to make sales. Instead, my workflow is for EVERY client to sit down with me after the session to pick their favorites to purchase- both digital and print. This allows me to serve them well by ensuring they end up with their favorites, and share the value of my heirlooms even if they didn’t know they wanted them at first!

This is just the beginning of what I teach students in our Uncapped Portrait Photographer program, where we teach how to go from $300-600 sessions to regular 4-figure portrait sessions by offering heirlooms! Interested in applying? See more details HERE to have results like our students below:





How to Offer Prints to Your Clients



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