5 Steps to Growing Your Business | Business Education for Photographers

After being in business for 6+ years, I’ve learned a lot of things the HARD way! But I’ve also learned what worked really well in growing my business, and what produced the most results! And I want to share 5 steps to grow your business further (and yes, these have worked for me!)! AND if you stick around to the end of the post, there’s a link to get a HUGE discount on some AMAZING courses (we’re talking a $5400 discount!)!

1. Get out of the office!

A lot of you are photographers or freelancers in some way, so you make money by actually doing your craft (shooting sessions, doing makeup, etc.). If you’re a homebody like me, working at home might be your security blanket (and you can always find things to do in the office between emails, website, blogging, etc). BUT you have to get out there, shoot, network, connect, and spend more time doing what builds your business! So often this means you might need to…

2. Outsource!

I’m able to spend LESS time in the office and more time networking & connecting, AND shooting, by giving up tasks where I can! I outsource editing, some social media, and posting blogs (I still write the content)! This has allowed me to spend more time on the things only I can do!

3. Know your numbers!

Not just a rough idea. Know how much you’re actually bringing in from your services and how much you’re ACTUALLY making/hour after your costs! Don’t think you’re spending that much time? Add up the hours to answer emails/consults/making timelines/driving/the session/culling/editing/gallery upload. It’s MORE time than you think!

After 3, you’ll be able to…

4. Find what areas you are the most profitable!

I was spending the most time and energy in an area that wasn’t near as profitable as others! But I couldn’t have known this if I hadn’t known my numbers.

5. Invest in education!

This is what many small business owners tell themselves they CAN’T afford! And while every workshop/seminar/conference isn’t for you, finding the RIGHT ones will impact your business. The times my business has grown the most has been when I took a leap and invested in the RIGHT education! This year I’ve already invested in a course to grow another side of my business, and a business coach! And that’s not cheap but I’ve already seen the results from this!

And if you aren’t sure what to invest in, there’s an AMAZING opportunity available for a limited time for you!! The Bundle Co. has put together 31 courses on entrepreneurship, and is selling this as a package deal for only $99.50! Separate, these courses are worth over $5,500!!

A few courses that I’m excited to dive into are Justin & Mary’s Business Essentials, Jenna Kutcher’s The Podcast Lab, Bonnie Joy Marie’s Brand Strategy Bundle, Nancy Ray Photography’s The Internship Bundle, and I have to make a plug that my Manual Mode Course is also in there!

If you’re wondering what education to invest in next, here’s an entire 31 courses with VALUABLE content that are at an unbeatable price!!

The sale only lasts until Tuesday, June 11 at 11:59pm EST!

Buy the bundle HERE!

As always, feel free to contact me for any questions!





5 Steps to Growing Your Business | Business Education for Photographers



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