Choosing the Perfect Wall Art from Your Session

We help our clients put the perfect portrait on the wall! We walk through this entire process, and wanted to share some tips on how you can know what to hang on your walls.

What wall art to hang from your photos by Greenville, SC Photographer Christa Rene Photography

Placement. Keep in mind this will be a focal point in your home! We encourage a living room area where all who enter will see it and be able to enjoy, as well as you! It will be hard for people not to comment seeing your beautiful heirlooms on the wall!

Sizing. We recommend your wall portrait be at least 50% of the size of what it’s hanging over. If it’s hanging over a 6ft couch, the width should be at least 3 feet. This might mean it’s the perfect spot for a collage, or one large statement piece!

Color. We guide our clients through their outfit selection with the final product in mind. This means we want even the colors our clients wear being photographed in will match well with the tones of the room the wall portrait will be displayed in. When it comes to frame, we want something that draws your eye to the picture, while goes well with the room! We have over 1,000 frame options for our clients to choose from to ensure we find the perfect one. If you have gold accent tones in your home and warmer tones in the session, a brushed gold frame would be beautiful. If you have rustic tones, a frame with some wear will look gorgeous.

What wall art to hang from your photos by Greenville, SC Photographer Christa Rene Photography

Image Selection. We always chat with our clients about their goals for the session, and help find the perfect image to showcase this season. We love interaction images that show the relationship in the portrait. The love, laughter, and joy felt at this time! It’s so special to ensure this time is relived every time the image is looked at!

We hope you found those image selection tips helpful! As always, contact us for any questions! It would be a joy to serve you!





Choosing the Perfect Wall Art from Your Session



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