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First off, I’m SO pumped for this new series: For the Photographer Friday where I will share educational and practical tips for the growing photographer!! I can’t think of a better one to start off with!

After my most recent wedding, the bride shared the blog post link and said these words: “Christa really became a friend along the whole engagement and wedding photo process and made everything so easy. I was actually sad when we left our wedding and I realized all my meetings and calls with her were over. But we definitely have a great photographer for future family photos. Thank you Christa for these beautiful photos!”

I’m not sharing this to somehow elevate myself, but because it wasn’t always like this! Sometimes yes, but it really took me awhile to figure out how I could show brides how grateful I was for them, and make them feel loved through the photography process! Here’s 5 things I’ve implemented to better show my brides love!

  1. Meet them in person for consultations! Obviously there are exceptions if they aren’t local, but even then I’d encourage Skyping them so it’s still personal! Go to a coffee shop, pay for their drink, and sit and talk to them. It shows how serious you are about your job and your time with them, and shows how you plan to be personal through the planning process!
  2. Talk about things OTHER than wedding photography during your meeting! Show your brides you actually care about getting to know THEM, not just what their color palette is (even though I do ask about that stuff eventually!)! Try to connect with them and actually remember details about their life! The other day I sat down with a bride over breakfast and we may have talked about our favorite Netflix shows more than the actual wedding!
  3. Send a welcome package! I want my brides to feel like they are 100% taken care of from the get go! So I mail them a custom box with my bridal guide (a 70 page magazine walking them through my wedding process! I got the template from Katelyn James here), a notebook with their name on it, and a pen with my logo along with some sweets! They LOVE it and from the start I’m able to educate them through the guide how to have a smooth day! Not to mention we ALL love getting gifts no matter how big or how small! When something has a ribbon around it with my name, I automatically feel special!
  4. Be reachable! I do most correspondence over email to help me stay organized and on top of things, but I do give my number to brides incase they ever need me asap! If it’s general timeline stuff, I’ll move that to email, but I literally just got off the phone with a bride who just had a quick question that was easier over a call! With emails, make sure you check them daily incase your brides need you or have questions. I’ve heard stories of brides booking a photographer and paying the deposit, then not hearing from them for weeks! That’s NOT ok and will not make your brides feel loved!
  5. Give Back! IF YOU’RE ONE OF MY BRIDES STOP READING HERE! Or a surprise will be ruined 😉 After each wedding I’ll surprise my brides and mail a canvas from the wedding. I’ll see what image they make their profile picture, or which one they posted! It’s an inexpensive and easy way to let them know even after the wedding, I still want them to feel special! I got the idea from Katelyn James who spoils her brides by giving back, and it’s so amazing. It doesn’t have to be a canvas, but even a little note or maybe a gift-card to thank them for allowing you to work with them leading up to and on their big day shows a whole lot of love!

It may seem like a lot, but I promise it’s not and SO rewarding! Even if you need to pick 2 and focus on those for a while, take a leap and do it! I hope this was helpful and encouraging as you show your brides more love! Have a great weekend!!!






5 Way to Love Your Brides More | For the Photographer Friday| Christa Rene Photography



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