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Sands | Greenville, SC Family Session | Workshop Family Models

Yesterday was a huge day! It was workshop day where we went over manual mode, AND had an actual family session!! And it was a huge success!!! I’ll be sharing some behind-the-scenes from the workshop later, but for now here’s the Sands family again!

I just adore this family, and oh my goodness their kids are precious and SOO good every time I’ve photographed them! Instead of just me  photographing them this time, there were 6 more photographers with me, so I wasn’t sure how’d the little ones do with that many strangers taking their picture. But they loved it! 

We headed out to the back yard, and snapped away! I can’t explain how awesome this workshop group was, and it was such an honor to work with 6 other amazing ladies. They worked super hard to understand their cameras and try posing, and I was so excited to see them succeed and now to see their amazing work! But for now, here’s some of my shots of the Sands family! Thanks again for being such amazing models for us all!


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