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Workshop | Greenville, SC Photography Workshop

My heart was so full after this workshop! I got to work with some absolutely incredible ladies, and loved every minute of it!

We met bright and early and went over manual mode, and headed outside to practice. We then transitioned into some head shots and posing. We went back in to talk more about posing, and then it was time for the most exciting part… a family session!!

The Sands were so kind to come out and meet us, and as I said in the last blog when I shared the images from their family session (view it here), they and their kids were absolutely wonderful for us!!!

I really believe the best way to learn is practice, especially when it comes to manual mode. You can read hundreds of blogs and websites on how it’s done, but it’s practice that makes perfect! So that’s why I implemented a lot of shooting time. Time to just practice taking pictures of really anything, ask questions, and practice more during the family session. Everyone did superb, and I was so, so excited to see everyone grow!

We headed in for lunch and my only regret is that we don’t have more hours in a morning to spend together! Enjoy these BEAUTIFUL ladies’ head shots, and capture a glimpse of our time together, and their diligence to become stronger photographers!


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