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Last week, my best friend and I hopped on a plane and headed for New York City! I had only been once before in high school, and was so excited to go again! We’re definitely bargain travelers, and found an incredible deal on Expedia we couldn’t resist (as in, our flights were FREE!)!! It was scary clicking “confirm” when we mapped the trip out, but we’re SO grateful we did.

The crazy thing for me about this trip? I didn’t bring my camera. Or laptop. I answered the necessary emails I needed to on my phone, and took some images on my phone too! It was nice to take a true step away from work for the 5 days we were there to really count it as a vacation!

Christi and I have been best friends since high school, so it’s always a joy to get time away together! Some of the highlights was going to a Broadway show to see Wicked, and we were on Jimmy Fallon! YES you read that right! We got up at 5am one morning to get standby tickets, were told when to come back and get in the standby line later that day, and made it not only in the show, but on TV!! AND I TOUCHED JIMMY FALLON’S HAND! Don’t believe me? Here’s proof! (left side, striped shirt!). Followed by my face after of sheer joy!

And of course, we ate a LOT of delicious food! We actually did this trip on a pretty good budget, and didn’t spend a ton of money on food, yet tried some super delicious places! Not to mention the coffee shops we tried!!

But we did this trip differently than most trips. We didn’t set a specific itinerary. We had little plans for what we’d actually see day to day. We took each day as it came, made sure we were being efficient with each area we went to so we’d get the most out of it and take the subway as little as possible, and it was amazing. I’d highly recommend visiting New York City that way! You never know what cool shops, restaurants, or coffee shops you’ll just stumble upon (or when you’ll just need to go back to your hotel room for a nap!)!

So here’s our trip through my iPhone!

SO thankful for a direct flight!!

Our bike ride in Central Park was so fun!!Evening out! Dos Caminos has AMAZING Mexican!This breakfast in Soho at NomoSoho was a favorite!!And of course… you can’t go to Soho without going to a cute coffee place!Broadway that evening! It was my first broadway show and was AMAZING!!!!And that time we stood in line in the rain for Jimmy Fallon tickets! We got up crazy early… and FYI, the city is creepily quiet at 5AM!
So coffee was for sure on the agenda for after……and more coffee to start off the next day!We spent a day in beautiful Brooklyn!Oh you guys… we had cookie dough from Cookie DŌ… YUM! We walked around 8-9 miles a day, so we indulged in sweets a little extra!We started our last day with a rooftop brunch!! Then swung by The Knot & Two Bright Lights offices for a tour from sweet Meghan! I met her at the Creative at Heart Conference last month!And more coffee of course before stopping by the 9/11 memorial area!Plane ride home! And can you say you saw Jimmy Fallon without sweatshirts that say it??

We’re so happy to be back in Greenville, but this was for sure an unforgettable trip!





NYC Through My iPhone | Christa Rene Photography



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