Growing Your Business During Off Season | Christa Rene Photography

As a wedding photographer, I’ve had months with 5-7 weddings, then gone several months with no weddings! Crazy right?? And I used to make this mistake: During the busy season, I’d barely stay afloat. I’d just barely finish the things I HAD to get done, meaning no additional marketing was getting done and a slow season would follow. So during the slow season, I’d overcompensate and not work much, just do the minimal, and sit back.

I’ve learned the importance of working hard and staying busy even during the slower times to keep growing my business and allow things to be easier when weddings began picking up!

Here are a few things you can be doing when your work is slower to keep your business growing!

  1. Submit work for publication. Yes, gallery uploads take time! So what better thing to do on the slower days! I drag the gallery into Two Bright Lights, then work on other things while it uploads! Speaking of which, Two Bright Lights is having a flash sale TODAY with 17% off annual subscriptions! If you already have a monthly account, you can upgrade it! Use the code Summer17.
  2. Get ahead! I have no weddings for a few weeks, but have 5 weddings in October! And to be honest, I’m really not too stressed about it! I’m using this down time beforehand to communicate with those brides extra, make sure I have plans in place for each day, so I’m not frantically trying to get a hold of brides weeks before their wedding. I can start October relaxed knowing I’ve worked to have everything set!
  3. Blog things other than weddings! Don’t just stop blogging when there aren’t weddings to post! Share other things! I LOVE sharing educational content (like this post!), and always enjoy reading other blogs on things other than just photography… honestly sometimes I enjoy reading those personal blogs even more than the weddings they post!
  4. Be creative. I can truly be most creative when my mind isn’t racing to just get the next thing done. I enjoy sitting back, and really thinking about my business. Think of ways to improve your workflow, additional things you can implement in your business, and save those thoughts for the time you’re feeling most creative!
  5. Update your website! I know it takes time digging through weddings finding your favorite images. But it’s going to be way better to get that done now than months later when you’re slammed with shooting weddings! Keep those images updated so when you post the weddings you’ve shot recently and people go check out your website after seeing your gorgeous pictures, they’re seeing fresh, up to date images you’ve taken!


So if you’re on one of those slower shooting times, I hope these tips are helpful as you stay busy and keep that business growing!

All photos on this post curtsey of Julia Rose Photography.





Growing Your Business During Off Season | Christa Rene Photography



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