How to Find the Perfect Wedding Dress | Tips for Brides

You’re finally engaged, and on the hunt for the dress of your dreams!! How exciting!!! I remember being there a little over a year ago! We were still finalizing our date, and thankfully you can go dress shopping without having a set date! So that’s what I did! And to be honest, finding my dress was one of my FAVORITE parts of the wedding planning process!!

I was telling a bride recently who was hunting for the right dress that you should be excited about wearing it!! You should be looking forward to the moment your groom gets to see it on your wedding day!! It’s such an amazing moment. I remember thinking, “Edward will LOVE this dress.” And I was right!!

I want to pass along a few tips on finding the perfect dress!

Go to a store with plenty of styles you love! Just becuase a friend found her dress there doesn’t mean they’ll have the style you prefer, and that’s okay! Go somewhere that you know has several styles you love!

I wanted something classic but still modern, and there was a downtown bridal shop that constantly had dresses displayed in the window! I always ADORED the styles they had, and knew it was worth making an appointment! I found my dress there on our first appointment- actually the consultant picked it out!!

Have an idea of what style you prefer!

It’s helpful for the consultant if you have an idea of what style you see yourself in. Pinterest is great for this, or just notice what styles catch your eye scrolling through Instagram! Remember, don’t base your wedding around Pinterest photos! Don’t become set on just one dress, but figure out the style first and try on multiple things within that style. Some brides know exactly what styles flatter them most and what they prefer! Share that with the consultant so she can help you find your dream!

Here is a favorite from our wedding day!! Photo by Kristy & Vic Photography.

BUT try on additional styles just to see!

I came into Magnolia Bridal with an idea of what style I preferred. I even had a dress in mind they had in store that I thought might be “it”! But when I tried it on, I quickly realized this wasn’t the dress for me! I also tried on dresses that I knew probably wasn’t my style, but just wanted to be sure! However, because I was open to trying on other styles, I knew I wasn’t missing out on something else, and the consultant was able to find my dress!

Trust the consultant, and choose a store with an amazing experience!

Of course, this comes with picking the right dress store! Magnolia let us reserve the entire place. I came with my 2 sisters, my mom, and best friend. We got to relax and go through the dresses on the rack, and when I showed everyone dresses the dresses, I really appreciated how private and intimate it was to have the entire store! However, some brides prefer to do all of the choosing themselves without a consultant’s input. Just be sure you go to a place with the experience you prefer! My family and best friend got to sit on a comfortable couch, offered beverages and it was a great experience for everyone!

Bring only a few people the first time you shop!

While it might be tempting to invite your entire bridal party and both sides of the family, it might be overwhelming going through everyone’s suggestions and opinions the first time dress shopping! Having just a few people allowed me to not feel overwhelmed, and I felt comfortable saying “no but thank you!” if I already knew I wouldn’t love it! They were encouraging but honest, and it wasn’t too many opinions!

Was this post helpful? Read more posts I have for busy brides planning HERE! Happy wedding planning!





How to Find the Perfect Wedding Dress | Tips for Brides



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