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Need a gift for the groomsmen or guys in your life? I recently wrote a post on best practical gifts for your bridesmaids! Whether it’s a Christmas gift or a thank you for standing by your side on your wedding day, everyone loves a gift! Especially if it’s super practical yet meaningful! So today I’m […]

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You picked the girls to stand by your side on your wedding day, and you’re trying to think of a great way to say thank you for all their help, support, and friendship! What better way to do that than giving them all a gift that could actually make it easier for them on your […]

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It’s your WEDDING DAY! Family and friends from ALL over have come, and you might feel overwhelmed at first by thinking about how you’re going to get through family formals without them lasting an hour. But you also don’t want to miss anything, so you’re stuck between choosing to get through them quick, or making […]

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It finally happened!! The moment you’ve been waiting for finally happened after months, maybe even years of waiting! He gave you the diamond you’d dreamed about, and so the wedding planning begins!!! It’s such an exciting time, then it hits you that you have to plan an entire wedding!! That’s a crazy feeling with a […]

It’s not unusual at all that I receive an email asking if the engagement session can be taken out of the wedding package to make the price lower. That’s a great question! I used to have them separate, and have photographed weddings where I didn’t shoot their engagement session! However, after shooting around 50 weddings […]

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