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How I Gained 50k Pinterest Views in One Month by SC Photographer & Educator Christa Rene Photography I decided the first month of this year would include valuable time learning Pinterest! Pinterest is a platform that more and more people continue coming to! AND it’s a great way to get more traffic to your site! While Instagram and especially Facebook really like users to stay on the app, Pinterest is made to encourage going to other sites! When I share a blog post and link it in my Instagram profile, only a handful of users would head there. However with Pinterest, I’m able to get a lot more views and traffic! So not only are more people heading to my site, but through blog posts I can promote products in the shop, have email list incentives, and also share work to attract more potential clients!

I used to not spend much time at all on Pinterest! And the time I did spend was far from strategic. I’d basically publish a  blog post, share a few on Pinterest, and be done. When Edward and I started renovating our home, I’d mass pin home items, really not with any purpose to those following.

I was sharing to the last November workshop a few of the benefits of Pinterest! Without too much effort, I had images at the top of certain searches. My husband Edward said to me later, “You should learn and utilize Pinterest more! I think it would be really beneficial!” And as always, he was right!!

I’ve drastically changed how I view and handle Pinterest, and now it is the number one traffic converter to my website!!

I started January with around 2 thousand monthly viewers, and now partway through February have 66 thousand and it continues to rise!

How I Gained 50k Pinterest Views in One Month by SC Photographer & Educator Christa Rene PhotographyHow did this happen?

There’s a few steps I took that really brought on growth!

I shared what my ideal client would want to see!

Chances are most of my ideal clients aren’t fixing up a home! Maybe some are and might resonate with the style I’m drawn to, but I quickly realized that can’t be the top thing I’m sharing- especially several pints at a time!

Instead, I really sat down and thought of what my ideal client would be interested in! Since I’m growing an educational following and part of my business and income are education focused, I wrote several blog posts geared towards growing photographers! Then I made Pinterest friendly graphics to share with them!

For wedding clients, I again thought of helpful topics for brides in the planning process! And you guessed it- I made Pinterest friendly graphics for these posts! I made sure to pin more images from places I really wanted to photograph more at!

BUT these are both things I’ve done before! I blog regularly, but wasn’t testing different images and graphics on Pinterest to see which ones were more popular than others! I had to figure out if just text performed better, just images, or text on an image? I tried different things out to see what worked best for me!

I use alternative text in all of my images!

While I always add alternative text to my blog post images, I learned a few more things about this! If you’re curious how to add alternative text, we’ll chat about it in the next point! While having keywords to what you’re talking about on the post is important, Pinterest can tell if it’s worded choppy, or an actual sentence! It’s actually better to write things as a sentence, instead of a post with “Charleston Wedding | Christa Rene Photography | Downtown Charleston.” What would be better would be “Classy wedding in downtown Charleston by southern photographer Christa Rene Photography.” The purpose of adding this is for these images to show up under searches!

And ready for the BIGGEST way I brought on growth??

I signed up for Tailwind!

Tailwind is an app that does SO many things, but let me include just a few!

First, you can schedule pins out! I literally spend around an hour once a week scheduling out Pinterest posts, and then I’m DONE for the week! That’s right, I’d gain over 10,000 views a week just by spending an hour one day on it! It determines the best time to post Pins so they do well, and all of this happens without me even needing the Pinterest app on my phone (no seriously, I deleted if off my phone for a while!). Why is this important? The more regularly you share pins, the higher the chances they’ll be seen and at the top of searches! I share around 5 pins a day!

How I Gained 50k Pinterest Views in One Month by SC Photographer & Educator Christa Rene Photography

Another amazing feature is allowing you to join tribes! Think of tribes as a glorified group board! You can’t find the tribe searching on Pinterest, only through Tailwind! Basically, it’s a group you can share pins to, and repin other’s pins from! Think of it as an online dumping ground for pins!

There are tribes about ALL different topics! So when I want to share educational material, I share it to the tribe focused on business and marketing material! Then, everyone in that tribe will see it and several will repin it! This has allowed me to get thousands of views on pins when those in the tribe pin it, then they’re followers repin it as well!

Another thing I love about Tailwind is the capability to put in alternative text extremely easily! While I also do this through an app called Text Wrangler, it can sometimes be done even faster and easier through Tailwind! You simply go onto the page you want to pin from, click on the tailwind app (they have an extension you’d install!), and the images pop up with a place for me to type in my alternative text!

And last, it makes repining things SO easy! Again, I just go onto the page I want to pin from, select the images I want to pin, and can schedule them! This is all through the same app in one place- how easy is that?? I can easily schedule out my repins on my blog posts, Instagram feed, and even Pinterest feed!

While this might have sounded like a lot and a bit confusing, Tailwind has several tutorial videos to help you through this process! I can’t recommend it enough for those ready to reach even MORE potential clients, who don’t have the time to spend hours a day on another social media platform!

Ready to check it out? Sign up for Tailwind HERE!

I now am able to grow my business in other ways, receive a lot more site traffic, and barely spend any additional time doing this! Worth it? Absolutely!!!How I Gained 50k Pinterest Views in One Month by SC Photographer & Educator Christa Rene PhotographyHow I Gained 50k Pinterest Views in One Month by SC Photographer & Educator Christa Rene Photography





How I Gained 50k Pinterest Views in One Month | Education for Business Owners



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