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One thing our family has tried to do the past years is take a vacation each summer! And we normally quickly vote BEACH! My dad has tried to throw other things into the mix (bless him for trying), but we still end up on sandy dunes with lots of sunshine!

Also, something we’ve been trying to do is take more pictures! You know the saying how the cobbler’s kids have no shoes? Ya… family photos of our own can be a struggle! But we’ve SO improved lately, even if it means some extra encouragement (and repeating the rules on the way there. Which basically summed up include listen to me and we can all get through this!) 😉

But I’m so glad for photos during this time of crazy transition. My oldest sister has been married for 5 years to an incredible guy we all just love, and they have the cutest little 18-month old boy named Mason! And now she is pregnant with the cutest (I already know before she’s even born ;)) little girl that is due at the end of August! So the last couple years have been just filled with so excitement and joy, and I know one day we’ll be looking at these together with Mason & his little sister! It’s also a season where things change quickly! I feel like I’m Mason’s mom saying this, but I can’t believe how babies change even week to week in their first years! So capturing this season for Mason, as well as Angela who is in the last weeks before having the baby is such a special, precious time!

Also, can we talk about the fact my sister is due at the end of next month and looks AMAZING?? Like goodness. She’s just makes the cutest pregnant lady!!

Time with our family all together is just so, so special and something I’ve learned to treasure more and more!

Enjoy some photos of our beach session together!! And thanks to a convenient box on the beach and self-timer (no, I don’t own a tripod!) so we could get one all together!That smile… let’s just say Mason’s aunts and grandparents have a hard time saying no to him!!Oh how I love these two!!!SO. MUCH. CUTENESS.FAVEEEEEEE! What you don’t know is that wind was STRONG!Sisters sisters <3Ok… and here’s my parents! Aren’t they just the cutest??? 

Meanwhile, Mason tried to run away! It takes all of us to keep track of him at the beach haha!

I hope you enjoyed our little beach session!!!






Our Family | Hilton Head Island Family Photos | Christa Rene Photography



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