Nicky & Steve | North Carolina Mountain Intimate Wedding

Nicky & Steve’s wedding in the North Carolina mountains displayed elegance, simplicity, and love to the max! They were married with 20 of their closest family and friends surrounding them, and said their vows overlooking the rolling North Carolina mountains!

Nicky got ready with her sweet nieces surrounding her, offering help before she headed out to the most beautiful back porch I’ve seen with a view that did not disappoint! Their ceremony was short and beautiful with the NC mountains surrounding the back porch, and officiated by one of their closest family friends! Edward, my incredible boyfriend came to help, and we felt like a part of the family by the time we left! They were SO sweet and had a contagious joy that you couldn’t ignore!

We did portraits of Nicky and Steve following the ceremony! As we photographed them, the sky looked like it was closer and closer to breaking. We had 15 minutes, but were able to capture so many portraits of these two, and they flowed seamlessly through everything! We got to watch the rain fall on the scattered rose petals on the deck while enjoying a delicious buffet (when Nicky told Edward and I to go get something to eat, we didn’t question her!)! What a better way to celebrate!

These two love the outdoors, so a house hidden away on the side of a mountain was such a place to have their wedding! These two show so much love and kindness to those around them, and Nicky’s beautiful smile never went away the entire day!

Also, if you’ve ever seen Gilmore Girls, these two are SO Lorelai and Luke in the best way! Nicky has the beautiful dark hair and ocean blue eyes, and such a fun energy! Steve is so laid back, went with the flow completely, and it was so clear how much he loved Nicky!

Enjoy this beautiful NC mountain intimate wedding and one of the sweetest couples!!

Nick you were SUCH a gorgeous bride!!!!!Her dress had SUCH pretty details!Just the prettiest view!SUCH a flawless couple!!FAVORITE!!!!And how can you NOT smile looking at this one! Their joy was so evident!

Ok so Edward took this one below, and I’m obsessed!!!

Thanks for letting me a special part of your day, Nicky & Steve!

Vendor Info:

Photographer | Christa Rene Photography

Dress | Grace Loves Lace





Nicky & Steve | North Carolina Mountain Intimate Wedding



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