How Edward Proposed | Our Engagement Story | Personal Post

On December 21st, I said yes to the biggest commitment I ever have besides choosing to follow Christ. And it was the easiest yes ever. No doubts. No hesitations. And I can’t wait to spend my life with Edward!

I wanted to share a little of our engagement story! You can read about our dating story here! So I’ll admit- I’d asked him a few (okay maybe more than a few!) times WHEN we’d be getting engaged!! We had started talking more about the future, marriage, and both had talked openly that we felt we were about ready! I also was getting wedding inquires through the end of 2018, and knew I wanted to be able to block off a lot of time for my own wedding! He never told me anything specific- just that it might be around the end of the year, or beginning of 2018!

I had a really busy fall wedding season, and November had a lot of engagement sessions. So when December came I really wanted to do something fun with him longer than a date night! So we bounced ideas off of each other, and when The Omni Grove Park Inn came up, he made sure it seemed like my idea so I wouldn’t be suspicious! Like saying “Wait, what did you want to do?? Where did you want to go??” I was SO thrown off!

We started the morning watching the sunrise at Bald Rock, which is a really special place to us. He asked me to be his girlfriend there, so I had always wondered if he’d propose there! When he didn’t, I figured if it was going to be that day, it would have happened there! I also didn’t think it would be that day since he had family coming into town in just a couple of weeks, and I figured he’d wait until they were there since we both are very close with our families! So I told myself it wasn’t going to happen that day, so just enjoy it.

Later that day we went to Grove Park Inn, and he surprised me with a meal there since I thought we were going to just walk around. I was SO surprised he was able to do that and not let me know (it’s REALLY hard to keep surprises from me! It also explained why he didn’t want to stop at and get donuts on the way when I asked!)! So I chowed away (no really, I ate a LOT) and noticed he wasn’t eating much but I didn’t think too much of it! He later told me he was getting SO nervous and just couldn’t eat!

We then walked around and looked at gingerbread houses, and after we had seen everything we wanted to he suggested we go outside and get a picture with the Inn in background! This meant going out back and walking down a bit of stairs. We went part way down, and took a few pictures together! Little did I know this would be moments before he proposed!

I mean, what a cutie!!! He became my fiancé just minutes later!!!

Then he started walking further down the steps, and off down a path to the side. He set up his phone on what he said was self-timer, which wasn’t unusual since I’m a crazy picture person so that’s pretty common for me to do! But when he stood next to he started talking to me. He was saying really sweet things, but I remember thinking, “We need to look at the camera and smile for the picture!” But he had set his phone on video, and then after telling me he loved me and always would love me, took a step back and got down on one knee!!!!

He said “You mean more to me than anyone or anything, and I want to spend my life trying to show you how special you are. Will you marry me Christa Rene Mazak?”

And it was perfect. Absolutely perfect. I couldn’t have said yes quicker. He picked me up and spun me around, and we held each other close. The people up at the windows looking at the gingerbread houses saw and started banging on the windows cheering for us!!

We Face-timed our families, and drove back to Greenville just soaking it in. When we got back they had an engagement party for us with all of our family and close friends!!! These people made it SO special!!!

We couldn’t be more thankful for our parents. Mine have been so supportive and incredible. My father is the most godly, wisest man I know, and set the bar high for the kind of man I wanted to marry! My mom has always loved and supported me no matter what I was going through. Edward’s parents have shown me love like I was their own daughter, and I can’t wait to officially be a Robinson!! Edward and I are both blessed to have our parents as role models for a Christ-centered, loving marriage.
And seriously, we have the sweetest friends!!! So thankful for each one of these people.

It was my favorite day ever, and everything I could have ever imagined or hoped for!!! He also really wanted this picture, and it’s a favorite!!!

This engagement season has been my favorite season of our relationship so far. So many people reminded me that while planning a wedding is fun and necessary, make sure you enjoy this engagement time together. And that’s been incredible advice!! We’ve loved every day of it!!

We’re down to less than six months now, and to be honest, I’m excited for the wedding. Really excited. But I’m honestly more excited for the time after living as a married couple and starting married life!

Thank you to all the friends and family who congratulated us and made it so special. I wish I could have thanked everyone who commented or messaged me, and I promise it meant SO much!! We can’t wait for this season ahead, and September can’t get here soon enough!!!

Here’s a sneak from our Florida engagement session with Kristy & Vic!!





How Edward Proposed | Our Engagement Story | Personal Post



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