2017 Behind-the-Scenes | Christa Rene Photography | Greenville, SC Wedding Photographer

This is definitely the most fun post of the entire year! I’m sharing some behind-the-scenes from sessions and weddings this year!! I’m so excited to share some of what the other side of the camera often looks like, and you might be surprised with how crazy it can be!! From dogs who aren’t too thrilled with Edward, to plenty of dress fluffing, veil throwing, and cringing at what I actually looked like during certain situations on weddings days! This post is pretty entertaining!!

Let me start off by saying I had INCREDIBLE help this year!! First off, there was sweet Julia! She helped with most of my weddings this year, and is SO giving and serving on wedding days! Whether it’s fluffing dresses, holding bouquets, creating the “veil blowing in the wind” effect, or just anticipating what I’ll need next, she made wedding days SO much easier for me!!!

And she’s gotten to hold plenty of GORGEOUS bouquets this year!! And seriously is SO attentive to details!!!

And no, I don’t find a huge gust of wind every wedding! It’s ALL Julia!

And she’ll do whatever it takes to get the little ones in a bridal party to look! And always up for a selfie with me 😉

And also, there’s Edward, my fiancé! This was the first year he came to weddings to help, and I’m SO grateful for his support and help!! I was honestly pretty worried he’d be too freaked out to help again once he saw ALL the behind-the-scenes that goes into shooting a wedding! But he’s a trooper and I’m so excited to be training him to help even more next year!! Whether he was taking a go at setting up detail shots… or holding the bride’s bouquet…or just looking super cute with a camera around his neck, it was SO amazing having him there!!
He also become an expert dog sitter during sessions! Even if the dog wasn’t quite as excited about it!But he got pretty good at it!!! And he also become an expert at holding my reflectors in the perfect spot!! And ALWAYS with a smile! He even got to carry balloons!!! I think it’s every girl’s dream to be looked at by a guy the way Edward is looking at those balloons haha!

But he also would hold and carry my stuff constantly… and let me tell you… It’s a LOT of stuff! Bags filled with camera gear are HEAVY! And he also was eager to help ANY other way he could!!!

It was so fun having his help this year for a few weddings and many portrait sessions! I’m seriously marrying up!!!!

I’m sure you’ve realized it by now, but SO much more goes into photographing a wedding than just taking pictures!! You quickly become a pro at helping the bride with her gown and veil, and spreading it out to show it off…

And might look a little crazy doing it!! You can tell by my face how serious I am about making sure it’s just right!! 😉  And I’ve also become a professional boutonniere pinner and tie straightener… And I’ve gotten to help with zipping, bustling, and buttoning a LOT of GORGEOUS gowns!! And the list goes on!! Whether it’s giving the bride a drink when her hands are full…

or having Edward run and get a pair of socks from your car, and putting them on your bride’s feet when it’s cold outside…my job involves SO much more than just taking pictures! And I LOVE getting to serve my couples!!!
But I also sometimes laugh looking back at behind-the-scenes shots! I’m going for the Olive Oyle look here (anyone else watch Popeye growing up??) 😉 In my defense it was a rainy day!And this is the only time in 2017 I wore a braid for a wedding!! When it’s a hot day and Julia says let me braid your hair back, you don’t question her!! It’s also one of my goals to be discreet, so thanks to all the people that let me crouch down next to them in the aisle! I had some very pleasant conversations with some of them!! No really, lots of crouching took place!! But I got to photograph some of the prettiest details (like these blush Badgley Mischka shoes!),

the sweetest first looks… and so many lovely ceremonies! I also have that photographer’s stance down haha!!And I get to set up and photograph some of the most GORGEOUS dresses!!!

We also got to take some incredible portraits!! Even if it was a highway wall that made a beautiful, light background!!
And one of my best investments this year was… my STOOL!!!! Seriously, this made such a difference!!! And then I was able to not look as crazy being on my very tippy toes!!!
My job also requires carrying a lot of heavy equipment! Thank goodness my biggest lens can also turn into a chin rest during the ceremony!
And I seriously need to work on posture or back problems will haunt my life!! But to get the perfect shot, it’s important to get some test shots first!! If you second-shoot with me, you’ll never be in need of headshots! Julia was such a great and willing model!
And Edward was too!! He also really got into test shots ;)) We were trying to see if this would be a good place to photograph the bride! He was more than willing to even try some posing haha!
He’s also an excellent first-look test model!!! And whether we’re going for serious or big smile, he keeps things interesting!He’s also more than willing to take a picture of me and a bride when we match at their engagement session!! My brides have good style 😉 But things might not always go as expected!! The “veil in the wind” shot might take a few tries! Kudos to the videographer for helping me out though! And no worries brides, I will be sure you hold your bouquet just right, even if I look sort of crazy showing you how!I also might be so excited about your ceremony I’ll do a little pre-ceremony dance for you… and in this shot it looks like Rebecca and Jake are about to be attacked and I’m standing guard! That’s actually not at all what was happening, and I wish I could remember since it looks epic!But most of all, I’ll just be SO excited to spend this amazing day with you!!!
And even if I look crazy getting certain shots, seeing your smiles and reactions makes it SO worth it!!! Thank you, each and every one of you 25 couples, who allowed me to serve you!!! It was SUCH a joy and honor, and you all are SO special to me!!!

You all made this the best year yet! 

I hope you enjoyed this behind-the-scenes post!! Be sure to check out the best of 2017 engagements, and best of 2018 weddings!





2017 Behind-the-Scenes | Christa Rene Photography | Greenville, SC Wedding Photographer



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