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Sarah & Sam | Greenville, SC Engagement Session

I was so excited when Sarah said her and Sam were willing to wake up crazy early for a Saturday and meet me for a sunrise engagement session! We met 7am at a corn mill, and the light was breathtaking. Yes, it was definitely worth it!! Even in the cold!

There’s just something different about that morning light that I love. And what an adorable couple to photograph in it! Sarah is so stunning and they have such a sweet relationship. Also, hey both are stellar pianists, which I think is so perfect.

Also, Sam has had some photography experience, so they were so comforting when I was working to get that perfect focus on Sarah’s engagement ring or changing lenses  (which is actually really hard when your fingers are frozen! How do photographers up north do it??). They assured me that it was completely fine, which normally I’m the one trying to make people feel calm and assured during sessions!! These two are definitely a perfect fit for me to work with!! I’m so honored to have capture their engagement, and am ECSTATIC about their wedding in June! 

It’s not hard to fall in love with these two, and I already have. Here’s one of my favorite engagement sessions! Also don’t forget about the giveaway on Instagram worth $150 going on now (!



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