Rebecca | Greenville, SC Senior Portrait Session

Rebecca’s shoot was so exciting because it was the first senior I’ve photographed in 2015! She is such a sweet and beautiful girl, and our time together was so fun. She definitely makes me thrilled about having more 2015 senior sessions this spring!

I love photographing seniors. Maybe because it wasn’t long after my senior pictures that I fell in love with photography, or because my senior photographer was my biggest mentor when I was starting up. But it’s such an important time of life and there are so many opportunities laying ahead! If you don’t take the time to stop for senior portraits, your schedule often takes over and you’re in college before you know it! I still enjoy looking back on mine and seeing how I’ve changed since then, and also how I changed through high school. 

But I also know that with so many photography businesses popping up, it’s easy to wonder why it’s worth paying a little extra for portraits when you know someone who will do it for free or extremely cheap.  Let me clarify that I’m NOT trying to discourage you if you’re a beginning photographer offering sessions for really cheap or for free, because I was there just a couple years ago. You have to build a portfolio and images to back up your price, so that makes sense!  

 But maybe this will help you if you’re battling this decision. First, senior images are timeless. You can always look back to that important time, and you’ll have a beautiful and professional documentation of the end of your teenage years. Also, you should love your portraits. It’s worth paying a little extra for a photographer whose images you adore, rather than settling for images you aren’t sure you’d want passed out or printed on invitations. And last, know what you’re getting. Look at their portfolio (images they’ve posted on their website or Facebook page). If you like what you see, awesome. If not, don’t expect them to change their style or how they edit just for you. Their portfolio is their best, not just their average shots. Photographers also offer many different packages with their sessions, some offering prints, another payment for your images, or invitations. Find one that works best for you.

I hope this is helpful as you search for your senior photographer! I loved working with Rebecca one-on-one, and her sweet spirit and beautiful smile are so contagious! 





Rebecca | Greenville, SC Senior Portrait Session



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