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While setting up your shots for a beautiful photo, are you considering composition? Keeping composition in mind truly brings an image from pretty good to amazing! Knowing where to put your clients and where to have them in the frame of your camera matters a LOT! It really makes a difference between how your couple looks, and how the entire image looks in general!

So I’m sharing what I’ve learned in composition over my years as a photographer that I believe steps my images up instantly!!

The first thing when considering composition is to learn the rule of thirds. This implies that the strongest point of an image is anywhere the lines intersect (see grid below).

It might surprise you that the center of the image isn’t as strong as having your point of focus a little 0ff-centered! I always tell people it’s okay to break this rule as long as you know you’re breaking it! Here’s another example! If you look carefully, you can see how I included the grid on top of the image to show how the point of focus is on one of those lines and intersections. 

Here are a couple more examples how not having the focus in the middle of the frame is more appealing to the eye! In the first image, the point of focus is in the middle of the frame vertically and horizontally. It’s not horrible, but could be stronger! In the second image, the point of focus is moved to one of the lines and points from our grid at the beginning. See how using the rule of thirds on the second image makes it better?

This is just one of 5 different tips I share in my new 13-page Composition Guide! This guide gives even more examples about the rule of thirds, and several other amazing composition tips! You’ll be able to choose where to photograph your clients easier, what to look for around them for stronger images, and where in the frame is best to put your subject! I include a lot of images to make it easy to understand and keep it basic so it’s helpful for everyone! No matter where you are with your photography, I wanted to share something these composition tips that have helped me over the past almost 5 years!

I’m offering $3 off my Composition Guide with the code HELLO! This means it’s only $5 to get it, and you’ll have the basics of composition mastered so you can step up your photos instantly!! Click here to access the composition guide, and I can’t wait to see how it helps your images become stronger!!

Happy shooting!! Be sure to visit my page all about education for photographers!





Tips to Mastering Composition | Education for Photographers | Christa Rene Photography



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