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The Importance of Anniversary Sessions | Greenville, SC Photographer

After photographing one of my favorite anniversary sessions at Hotel Domestique with Bri & Kyle, I sat back and thought about why I just LOVE anniversary sessions so much!!
Let me clarify that I love ALL of my sessions with my couples- engagement, wedding day, anniversary, etc… BUT there is something just more relaxed about anniversary sessions!
I realized there are a few reasons why I think these are such special sessions and SO important!

You’re more comfortable with each other.

While I know you might have been relaxed on the wedding day and the engagement session, you’ve spent even more time together and have gotten to know each other even more!! You’ve been with each other a year or longer, and REALLY have each other figured out and are just more comfortable!

It’s a celebration of everything you have been through together.

You’ve been through the highest of highs, and also pretty low lows together. I quickly found out there’s a LOT to figure out in marriage that no books or pre-marital counseling can prepare you for- you have to figure it out together! But you’ve made it another year, and that’s worth celebrating. You can look back on these pictures and say things like “That was the year x happened! How cool is that??” And “Wow, we learned so much that year and look how our marriage blossomed.” Only you two will fully understand everything that happened that year, so why not celebrate by having this time preserved??

It’s more relaxed than the wedding day portraits.

On the wedding day, we have a timeline to stick too! We keep things as relaxed as possible, but still have to keep the timeline in mind to make sure your day flows well! But during your anniversary session, we aren’t on a time crunch, can explore and relax even more during it, and more! For example, Bri & Kyle did a champagne pop! When some got on Kyle’s shirt, it wasn’t a big deal at all! We had plenty of time to let it dry for the next portraits, so it wasn’t stressful or worrisome in the least!

You can have photos in your home that showcase who you really are.

While I LOVE having wedding images hung, I also think it’s important to have photos that are really the two of you. Yes, you’re dressed up, but not in a white dress and tux… you’re even more who you two are as a couple! Having these portraits through your home is so special and wonderful. I have a wedding portrait from our day I love hanging, but even more portraits not from our wedding day! I think it’s important to celebrate the days of marriage after the wedding, too! And we offer an in-person design session to all of our portrait clients to find the BEST ways to display their images through their home!! So this is all taken care of with 1 session. How special is that??
I hope this was helpful as you consider having your anniversary session!


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