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Stephanie & James | Downtown Greer, SC Engagement

It began. School. Needless to say I was concerned about being too overwhelmed. It almost scared me wondering how I would juggle everything while anticipating the busiest season with my photography business I’ve ever had, and taking a full load of credits. So one of the smallest things that has helped me the most is making lists. It sounds simple and maybe sort of dumb, but you’d be surprised! I’m all about taking those little steps toward big goals (like finishing homework ;)), but I’ll forget if they’re not written down. So if you’re feeling overwhelmed, breath! Write down little steps (even if they are teeny tiny) and cross them off when they are completed! It is such a GREAT feeling and a super huge help to staying organized and on top of things! 

It’s semesters like these when I don’t know how I could do it if I didn’t LOVE my job! Yes, photography has it’s ups and downs, the easy days and the hard ones like any job, but I am SO grateful for a job that doubles as a break from school (which may make me break from school a little too much, but who’s keeping track ;)).

But best of all this weekend, I got to work with Stephanie and James!! 

It was mid 50’s yesterday. In January. But hey, I’m not going to complain! I got to photograph a beautiful enagement session, and thanks to the great weather Stephanie and James didn’t have to bundle up! We met at downtown Greer, stopping at whatever cute, little spot we stumbled across! 

Then we headed to a little field and barn in Taylors. This location has been really popular lately with clients, and I’m loving it! It was the perfect way to end a beautiful session. 

One fun fact about these two is James is about a foot taller than Stephanie! Stephanie makes up for it in kindness… she’s one of the sweetest people you will ever meet! But we had fun working with their height difference (which I think is adorable!), and I am so excited to share these! 

Stephanie, your are sooo gorgeous!!

I am booking sessions now through February! And don’t forget all weddings booked in January are 10% off!!


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