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Jennie & Josh | Greenville, SC Engagement

I absolutely adored photographing this couple. Jennie is one of my sister’s good friends, and I was so excited when she asked about engagement photos! Her fiancé is just as sweet, and so kind to Jennie it makes you just smile. 

The sun came out, and we had beautiful light. It did get a little cold, but these two make it look perfect. They came completely prepared, and were even willing to climb through some nasty thorns for some shots! Even if we got pricked a few times, these two made some beautiful images happen! Good thing you wore your boots for those, Jennie!

I’m excited that these two are the first couple shared in 2015, and for their willingness to bare a little chill towards the end! They look like models the whole way through, and wait until you see their final outfit! I can’t wait for more 2015 couples to share! 



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