New England Trip | Christa Rene Photography

christa_rene_photography_1717Last month, I went on adventure I’d been dying to do for the last couple years! A road-trip to New England!!!

I picked up Julia in Asheville, NC before we made our way up to Hampton, Virginia to meet up with my dear friend Abi! After that, we made the 11-hour drive to BOSTON!!!!

I was so excited so see this city I’ve heard so much about, and even my sister constantly telling me how much I’d love it! And she was right! The busy streets, coffee shops, and preppy New England look of the city took my heart right away! I don’t have any pictures from my camera of it since I didn’t want to risk bringing that around with me! But I got to do a session for my sweet friend Liz and her boyfriend Vince in the city that you can view here! Besides that, one of my other favorite parts was just sitting at a coffee shop downtown watching the people and traffic in this busy city!

We also took a leap up to York, Maine! Maine is one of those places I’d seen countless pictures of, and I was not disappointed! We found Nubble Lighthouse, and spent the morning walking around the beautiful coast! Keep scrolling to see and read more about where we went after that! It includes the most beautiful Newport, RI sunset, and wandering around a Farm in Connecticut!

Here’s some favorites from our New England road-trip! I’ve put a little caption before each new section!!

First off, York, Maine!

new_england_trip_christa_rene_photography_1668new_england_trip_christa_rene_photography_1669new_england_trip_christa_rene_photography_1670new_england_trip_christa_rene_photography_1671new_england_trip_christa_rene_photography_1672new_england_trip_christa_rene_photography_1673new_england_trip_christa_rene_photography_1674new_england_trip_christa_rene_photography_1675new_england_trip_christa_rene_photography_1676new_england_trip_christa_rene_photography_1677From there we drove to Rhode Island, and went to the rocks jutting out and it was breathtaking! Something about the water up north is so blue and gorgeous! We drove around looking at all the mansions, and even walked along the cliff walk! new_england_trip_christa_rene_photography_1678new_england_trip_christa_rene_photography_1679new_england_trip_christa_rene_photography_1680new_england_trip_christa_rene_photography_1681new_england_trip_christa_rene_photography_1682We even spent the evening in Newport, Rhode Island and even got to sit on top of one of the boats and watch the sunset!new_england_trip_christa_rene_photography_1683new_england_trip_christa_rene_photography_1684new_england_trip_christa_rene_photography_1685Love this beautiful girl!!!new_england_trip_christa_rene_photography_1686new_england_trip_christa_rene_photography_1687new_england_trip_christa_rene_photography_1688new_england_trip_christa_rene_photography_1689new_england_trip_christa_rene_photography_1690new_england_trip_christa_rene_photography_1691new_england_trip_christa_rene_photography_1692

That sunset!!!!new_england_trip_christa_rene_photography_1693We spend out last day in Connecticut, walking around and probably having way too much fun at Grace Farms and their landscape was incredible! Then we finished the day shopping and eating pizza in bed!new_england_trip_christa_rene_photography_1695new_england_trip_christa_rene_photography_1696new_england_trip_christa_rene_photography_1697new_england_trip_christa_rene_photography_1698new_england_trip_christa_rene_photography_1699new_england_trip_christa_rene_photography_1700new_england_trip_christa_rene_photography_1701new_england_trip_christa_rene_photography_1702

These friends are the best!!new_england_trip_christa_rene_photography_1703new_england_trip_christa_rene_photography_1704new_england_trip_christa_rene_photography_1705new_england_trip_christa_rene_photography_1706new_england_trip_christa_rene_photography_1707
new_england_trip_christa_rene_photography_1709new_england_trip_christa_rene_photography_1710That view!!!!new_england_trip_christa_rene_photography_1708

It was an incredible trip and one I will never forget! Julia is one of those people who wakes up super cheerful and does anything to make your day better! She’s a killer passenger seat DJ too 😉 Abi is super adventurous and (thankfully) a planner so that we weren’t just wandering aimlessly the entire time!! These girls are some of my best friends, and our trip just makes me want to keep traveling and seeing more!





New England Trip | Christa Rene Photography



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