Erin & Andrew | Biltmore Estate Engagement Session | Christa Rene Photography

biltmore_estate_asheville_north_carolina_engagement_christa_rene_photography_1753I don’t even know where to start with these two, and their Biltmore Estate engagement session in Asheville, North Carolina is a favorite! I met Erin last year, and she’s one of the most loving and grateful people I’ve met! She’s one of those girls that is completely genuine in her kind words and how she goes out of her way to share compliments and encourage!! Plus she’s GORGEOUS!!!! I was thrilled when I got to meet her and her fiancé, Andrew, over coffee to discuss wedding & engagement details!

To be completely honest, I view part of my job as winning the guy over. Normally the future bride finds me online or through a friend, and comes with an often reluctant fiancé. I do my best to show him how important pictures are, and prove that they can be fun and not 1.5 hours of torture during the engagement session! For some reason, having pictures taken have a negative context, and I understand! I still remember from high school being frustrated having my pictures taken based on different things (like when I accidentally wore my slippers to school the day they were taking the full-body cheerleader group picture…. Yes I was a cheerleader for a year…no, I was not very good… yes, you could see the slippers picture in the year book… but moving on!). And then I didn’t understand what the photographer meant for my pose, and felt his frustration when he had to walk over and pose me. I didn’t like it!! I felt uncomfortable, embarrassed, and awkward!!

But remembering that, I make it my goal for no one to ever feel like that. I was reminded again when I had some images taken for my new website last January how much I valued the guidance and encouragement of the photographers taking my pictures (Ryan & Alyssa are the bomb!)! So I DO understand why people tend to get a little nervous or have negative thoughts when you mention having a 1.5 hour engagement session for just pictures, and then having me there 8 hours on your wedding day! I really do! Especially for guys! But I make sure to tell my couples exactly what to do, and precisely guide them the entire time while talking to them and making it FUN! Yes, pictures can be fun!!! Plus the guy gets to hold and kiss his future wife a lot!!!

But Andrew was different, and when my mind was rolling with how I can show him how important this part of the wedding day is, and how much it means to his fiancé, Erin said “THIS is the part Andrew has been excited about!!!” What??? For real! It made me even more excited, and I met them bright and early at the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina for their SUNRISE engagement session! And waking up before dawn and driving 2 hours was SO worth it!!!

I’d only shot there at sunset, so this was a new experience I was excited for! And this couple was the perfect for it! They just looked incredible in each picture and pose, and didn’t mind walking around while I wandered basically the entire estate (ok not quite since it’s almost 11 square miles!)! But we flowed through everything and I’m excited to share this session!

Enjoy this gorgeous Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina engagement session where we went from the house, to the lawn, to the gardens! It’s a favorite!

biltmore_estate_asheville_north_carolina_engagement_christa_rene_photography_1719biltmore_estate_asheville_north_carolina_engagement_christa_rene_photography_1720FAVORITE!!!!! They have the cutest laugh!biltmore_estate_asheville_north_carolina_engagement_christa_rene_photography_1721biltmore_estate_asheville_north_carolina_engagement_christa_rene_photography_1722biltmore_estate_asheville_north_carolina_engagement_christa_rene_photography_1723biltmore_estate_asheville_north_carolina_engagement_christa_rene_photography_1724One of my favorite spots we tried!!!biltmore_estate_asheville_north_carolina_engagement_christa_rene_photography_1725biltmore_estate_asheville_north_carolina_engagement_christa_rene_photography_1726biltmore_estate_asheville_north_carolina_engagement_christa_rene_photography_1727biltmore_estate_asheville_north_carolina_engagement_christa_rene_photography_1728biltmore_estate_asheville_north_carolina_engagement_christa_rene_photography_1729biltmore_estate_asheville_north_carolina_engagement_christa_rene_photography_1730biltmore_estate_asheville_north_carolina_engagement_christa_rene_photography_1731biltmore_estate_asheville_north_carolina_engagement_christa_rene_photography_1732biltmore_estate_asheville_north_carolina_engagement_christa_rene_photography_1733Her ring is SO gorgeous and unique!!!biltmore_estate_asheville_north_carolina_engagement_christa_rene_photography_1749biltmore_estate_asheville_north_carolina_engagement_christa_rene_photography_1734biltmore_estate_asheville_north_carolina_engagement_christa_rene_photography_1736biltmore_estate_asheville_north_carolina_engagement_christa_rene_photography_1735biltmore_estate_asheville_north_carolina_engagement_christa_rene_photography_1737biltmore_estate_asheville_north_carolina_engagement_christa_rene_photography_1738
biltmore_estate_asheville_north_carolina_engagement_christa_rene_photography_1742biltmore_estate_asheville_north_carolina_engagement_christa_rene_photography_1755biltmore_estate_asheville_north_carolina_engagement_christa_rene_photography_1750I could never get enough of the gardens!!!biltmore_estate_asheville_north_carolina_engagement_christa_rene_photography_1743biltmore_estate_asheville_north_carolina_engagement_christa_rene_photography_1754biltmore_estate_asheville_north_carolina_engagement_christa_rene_photography_1746biltmore_estate_asheville_north_carolina_engagement_christa_rene_photography_1751biltmore_estate_asheville_north_carolina_engagement_christa_rene_photography_1747biltmore_estate_asheville_north_carolina_engagement_christa_rene_photography_1748


And last but not least…. our end of session selfie!!!






Erin & Andrew | Biltmore Estate Engagement Session | Christa Rene Photography



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