Meet Our 2019 CRP Shooting Interns | Christa Rene Photography

I’m SO excited to introduce our 2019 Christa Rene Photography interns! These amazing ladies will be helping me serve our brides this year, and I couldn’t be more excited!! I wanted to share a little of why we decided to take on interns, and introduce these lovely ladies!

Through the past years, I found how helpful it has been to have consistent second-shooters! I’ve been blessed with second-shooters in the past that really helped consistently with weddings! One is now our associate, and the other moved away with her job (and is deeply missed!)! To be completely honest, wedding days can be very intense! A LOT goes on at once, and it’s so important to stay on top of things 100% of the day. Having an assistant there to rely on, who’s motivated to serve even on long days, and who doesn’t mind spending often 12 hours with me is important! 😉 While Edward does help with a few weddings, due to his job he isn’t always flexible on Saturdays! He helps SO much in other areas of the business, and we thought it might be best to go ahead and plan on finding a few interns to help fill the role of second-shooting! And I’m SO glad we made that decision!!

I was blown away with all of the amazing applications that came in, and it was NOT an easy choice (seriously, ask Edward!! I was constantly talking to him about this!)! While I wish I could have hired all 21 applicants, our business isn’t quite the size to do that (yet! ;))! But I’m excited to share our two interns and how amazing they’ve already been!

Meet Michaela!

I first meet Michaela about 1 year ago when her sweet boyfriend (who is now her fiancé!!!) reached out to set up a mentoring session for her!! I loved getting to sit and chat with her and pour into her business, and was so impressed by her drive, talent, but most of all her sweet personality. We stayed in touch, and she attended the fall workshop, and also second-shot a wedding with me last fall! But again, while skill is important (and she has a LOT Of it), and even though I was blown away by her attentiveness to detail and anticipation of what was needed, she is one of the most thoughtful people I’ve met. Her desire to assist in the needs of those around her and her positive spirit is impossible to be overlooked by anyone she comes in contact with!! She lives in Hendersonville, NC where she works at a real estate office and builds her photography business, has 3 dogs, AND gets married this September!!! And you better believe I’m beyond excited to photograph it!! Michaela has become a genuine friend quickly, and I’m so grateful to get to serve our couples with her this year!!

Meet Rachael!

I first met Rachael at the Spring workshop! She has such a kind, gracious personality, and is so thoughtful in everything she does! I loved getting to know her more and see her in action during the workshop, and loved sitting chatting with her over coffee! She lives in Greenwood, but LOVES Charleston, and turns out we share the same favorite Netflix shows (Friends & The Office!)! She’s a social media and content write for a garden company!

I couldn’t be more excited to have this amazing girl on our team!!

Needless to say, I’m beyond blessed to now have these two girls in my life!! They are such a light, and one of the reasons I believe this will be the best year for Christa Rene Photography is because these two girls are now a part of it! They’re the kind of girls who check in multiple times before I have an event to see what they can help with, AND come early and stay late. They’re always smiling, and their joy is contagious!! AND they’ve also been such amazing personal friends, and I’m excited for my amazing couples to get to meet them on their wedding days!





Meet Our 2019 CRP Shooting Interns | Christa Rene Photography



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