Make $10K in Prints by 2024

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Are you looking to make a cash injection by the end of the year? And when I say cash injection, I mean an extra $10k before 2024. While this seems crazy, I want you to know that this is very possible, and I’m walking you through the steps you can take to get clients excited about this.

Educate your clients

The very first thing we need to do in order to have a client purchase any type of print or spend any amount with us is to educate and share the value with our clients before the session of why they should invest. And specifically with prints and heirlooms, you need to explain to them the difference between you and a much cheaper site or local pharmacy store.

Help them understand the difference in quality and convenience, and make them aware you’re taking a lot off their plate. Chances are, if you have done a session with them earlier this year, they probably haven’t gotten anything printed yet, and if they have, maybe it’s just a few 4×6 or 5×7 prints. So, we want to share the value of what it would look like if they had these beautiful images on their walls or an album that could go on their coffee table. What would it look like in their lives to walk by those images every single day?

Share the transformation

You can start this process even before the session begins by scheduling a meeting, whether it be in person or virtual, and discuss what’s important to them during the session. Share your products and how they can transform their living space. It’s important that you are sharing products you are genuinely excited about so they will be too!

Keep your product offerings simple, focusing on a few key items you think your clients would love. These could include a few different wall portraits with some frame options or album options.

Reach out to past clients

It’s also never too late to reach out to past clients. Offer a limited-time offer to create a sense of urgency. You could offer to get on a call to discuss some product ideas that go along with your offer. This personal touch point is so important.

If you are someone who would also love to be able to sell smaller prints, like 5x7s and 4x6s, I would suggest an online gallery through Pictime. What sets Pictime apart is its ability to save email addresses associated with each gallery. For instance, if you shoot a wedding gallery, you may end up with 20 different email addresses because the bride sent it out to family and friends. So, if I run a special, all those people can receive the emails.

Pictime also has automation features. For example, you can use pre-written emails about sales and it will send multiple reminders to the saved emailed addresses.

The key here is to be persistent. It’s been scientifically proven that it takes us about eight times to see something before we actually commit to it, so make sure to be proactive and reach out personally to clients, in addition to running email blasts and posting on social media.

By implementing these strategies, you can boost your income and provide more value to your clients. If you want to learn more, I have a free 20-minute training on getting prints and heirlooms going, why it’s effective, some of the touch points we have, and what we cover so you can make even more with prints and heirlooms and have things set up correctly right from the start.

So, as you get these things going, what you want to do is make it really clear when clients come to your page that you specialize in prints and heirlooms. Building this reputation and letting people know you offer this is going to help attract more clients who value these products.

In this episode, we chat about:

  • Educating your clients on the value of ordering portraits and heirlooms from you
  • Showing your clients the transformation of having portraits in their homes can make
  • The benefits of reaching out to past clients to share your offers
  • The power of being persistent

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Make $10K in Prints by 2024



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