How to Market Your Business for Free | Tips for Business Owners

One question I’ve received a lot lately is how much to spend for advertising in business! But one way I was able to grow my business and still grow today is by using several forms of FREE marketing to my advantage! For anyone about to invest money into marketing, I’d first make sure you’re implementing free marketing!

AND this isn’t just for photographers!! This is for anyone building a business wanting to grow and reach more people- for FREE.

How to market your business for free:

First, have a strong website!

Build up your SEO by blogging regularly, showcasing images your ideal client will LOVE, and making sure you’ve put in the SEO settings on your site! I LOVE my Showit site, and also learned a lot from Davey and Krista’s Inquiry System Course! Now clients can find me even online through Google!

A few months back I wasn’t booking quite as much as I had hoped! After making a few website changes and updated the images, inquiries and bookings came in again! Make sure your images are the best of the best of what you’ve been working on!

Second, encourage referrals.

Another way I book clients without paying for advertising is from referrals! The first kind of referrals are from past clients! By being able to offer an elevated experience and serving my clients as well as I can, clients book because of past clients recommending me!

The other type of referrals I receive are vendor referrals! By connecting with other vendors in your industry, you both can gain bookings by referring clients to each other! And you also can build friendships in your industry which is always so encouraging and uplifting! It’s always a treat to work a wedding day alongside vendors who have become friends! Offer a great experience to vendors by being amazing to work with, getting to know them on wedding days, tagging them on your social media posts and crediting them on your blog posts, and sending them a vendor gallery of images within 1 week of the wedding day!

To book more referrals, there are a few things you can do! Offer your past brides a free mini session or album if they refer someone to you who books! For vendors, take them out to coffee and offer a headshot session to get a chance to meet them, and send them your packages. Let them know that you’d be thrilled to work with them more! I have a photographer friend who offers vendors a free branding session if someone they recommend books! Make sure you’re offering value back to vendors in some way so it isn’t a one-sided relationship!

And finally, utilize social media!

I currently don’t pay for any wedding ads! BUT I do use social media to help my business grow by taking advantage of the free things you can do through social media! From Facebook, to Instagram, to Pinterest, I strategically post to attract my ideal client! Each of these platforms has brought inquires and clients, but it’s important to be strategic!

There’s so many different ways you can do this through hashtags, being personal, and the images you post! Remember- YOU are what sets you apart from anyone else in your industry! Don’t forget to be personal on your social media accounts so your followers get to know you as a person! This will allow your followers to feel more connected with you and build a more loyal following!

I have a wonderful free Instagram guide HERE to attract and book your ideal client! For Pinterest, I recommend investing in a wonderful app called Tailwind that allows me to keep up with posting regularly and building Pinterest views! View my post HERE on how I gained 50k Pinterest views in ONE month!

I hope this helps as you build your business and take advantage of how you can advertise for free!





How to Market Your Business for Free | Tips for Business Owners



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