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Jordan & Tucker | Furman University Engagement Session | Christa Rene Photography

Jordan and Tucker both attended and met at Wofford College! Even though they had been in classes together freshman year, they don’t remember each other! But things soon changed, and they began dating their sophomore year. A friend encouraged Jordan to invite Tucker to a group date! Jordan started laughing me when she told me there wasn’t a spark right away, but soon after they couldn’t stop spending time together!

They’re tying the knot this summer at Indigo Hall, near the college that brought them together. I’m not sure how Jordan sleeps between teaching, coaching basketball, and taking an online grad class (I need to learn from her on time management tips!!), but we managed to find a free evening and spending time with these two was a blast! They are serious model status for sure, and looked like they walked right out of a catalogue with their preppy outfits and perfect smiles!

Tucker is so gracious and sweet, and the way he looks at Jordan says it all! I kept catching him whispering cute things in her ear, and our evening together was filled with a lot of laughter!

Enjoy this Furman University fall engagement session!


Loved spending time with these two! And Tucker was a great photographer for taking this of Jordan and me!


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