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I’ve wanted to go to this conference for quite a long time, and was thrilled when a hopeful opportunity came up and I was able to attend The Creative at Heart Conference Round 7! This is a conference designed for entrepreneurs in any creative field who need a chance to reset, be encouraged, build connections, and learn from industry leaders!

While there were incredible talks on a large variety of different topics that were so practical to any creative, there was one major takeaway for me. This takeaway wasn’t even one the main topic of any specific talk. But it deeply convicted me, and had me truly questioning areas of my business. Here it is…

It’s not about me.

Looking back, this ball started rolling when Lara Casey came in (it was a surprise and she had everyone cheering!), and asked a unique question. “Where do you want to be when you’re 80?” She had every mind engaged, and as you can imagine the answers weren’t huge houses or financial success. It was deeper than that. I want to have a family. I want to know I changed lives. I want contentment and thankfulness.

Tiffany from The Emma Rose Agency specializes in branding, and to be honest, I had to look back at my notes to remember the main topic of her talk. She said something that just sat with me, and had me zoned in sort of like tunnel vision on that moment. She said, “Unless you hire yourself, it isn’t about you.” It sounds so basic, yet for some reason, just really convicted me.

Later on, I was talking to Abby from Abby Grace Photography. I SO look up to this girl, and she has incredible business & educational skills as well as being a leading photographer in the industry. I mentioned to her I’ve been really convicted about this area of prideful thinking in my business, especially as I dream of focusing more on education. She graciously showed me even through her own past experience how wrong it was to go into it with viewing yourself on a pedestal and promoting yourself out of pride. She shared how her focus changed to trying to fulfill a need! And how different that is from selfish, vain ambitions!

And I also spoke with the incredible Katelyn James while I was there (HUGE KJ FAN OVER HERE), and she told me how important though it is to find the balance between sharing what you’re good at and strong in (how is she so wise???), while having those right intentions! So while you shouldn’t focus on yourself, you should find and use your strengths! Thanks Katelyn, for being the huge role model to so many in the industry on serving and loving your clients so well!!


What do all these things have in common?




It’s not about my success.


It’s not about what I become known for.


It’s not about how many people want to hear my voice.


It just isn’t about me.


It’s definitely the opposite of many movements today that focus on finding yourself, focusing on being different, and how you can stand out. Instead it’s an attitude of service and humility.

I’ve been studying humility as I considered my heart before attending the conference, and Philippians 2:3 has really stuck with me.

Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourself.

So friends, while I wish what I’m working on was something easy and could be fixed in a day, this conference left my heart full yet with an increased view of changes to be made in my life & business! And y’all, I’m SO excited for some big things happening ahead, especially as I choose and fight to pursue them when a very important idea in the front of my mind… serving.

I’d love to hear comments and feedback! Thanks so so much! And THANK YOU, Kat, for leading this incredible conference and being a true role model for serving.





Creative at Heart Conference | My Biggest Takeaway | Christa Rene Photography



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