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Brittany Bridal Portraits | Downtown Greenville, SC Bridal Portraits

If you’ve been following along the past months, you know what a fan I am of Brittany!! Since she’s MARRIED I can finally share her bridal portrait session! Let me tell you, it was hard not to leak these!! I could go on and on about how much I adore her and her family! You can see her and Alex’s downtown wedding at Zen HERE and engagement session HERE!

We LOVE getting to do bridal portraits for our brides! It’s a great “trial run” of wearing the dress a bit to make sure everything feels right, the perfect time for the hair and makeup trial, and a lot of photos in the dress of your dreams! They we love getting to help our clients pick their favorite to frame and display at their reception!

Spending this extra time with Brittany before the wedding day was so wonderful. We love her, and loved getting to know her mom and grandparents more since they came to help! She literally was perfect in her dress, and had us all in awe the whole session!!

Brittany, I adore you so much!! Thank you for allowing me to capture these portraits of you! You were a perfect bride!

And we LOVE the one she ordered from us to display for her guests! And now she has an heirloom of what a BEAUTIFUL bride she was!! We love you, Brittany!

Dress: The Poinsett Bride
Hair: Envie the Salon
Makeup: Cotton Rouge and Co


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