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It finally happened!! The moment you’ve been waiting for finally happened after months, maybe even years of waiting! He gave you the diamond you’d dreamed about, and so the wedding planning begins!!!

It’s such an exciting time, then it hits you that you have to plan an entire wedding!! That’s a crazy feeling with a lot of mixed emotions between the joys of your wedding day, but also the slight stress in the back of your mind of getting everything covered!

My goal is to provide my brides with an exceptional experience so they know they can be completely sure I’ll take care of and walk them through the entire wedding photography process so they can rest at ease. I meet with my brides, build their timeline with them, and make sure they’re completely ready for the experience they so deserve! I even had a bride say to me at her wedding, “Christa, things about the wedding day kept changing and not going as planned, but I kept telling myself at least I know we can count on Christa!” What a huge compliment!

So when a bride books me for her wedding, I ship her a welcome package! This contains a little clipboard with her future last name, a notepad she can make lists or random notes with, chocolate (do I need to put a reason for this??), a sweet note thanking her for allowing me to photograph this special time, and most importantly, my bridal guide!

My bridal guide is a 70-page magazine that walks my brides through the ENTIRE wedding photography process, from what to wear to the engagement session, timeline tips, what to have ready in the morning, tips for your family formals, ceremony, reception, and exit, and the list goes on and on! It really allows my brides to feel prepared, loved, and ready for their wedding day! I had breakfast with one of my brides and she told me she just keeps it with her in her car!! I love it and so do my brides!

I wanted to share a little sneak of the bride welcome package with you! It always makes my day when I see brides post these and how excited they are I get to be a part of their wedding!! And I can assure you I’m even more excited!!

If you’re a 2017-18 bride, I’d LOVE to meet and chat about your upcoming day and how you can join the Christa Rene Brides family!!



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Bride Welcome Packages | Christa Rene Photography



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