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I always laugh and cringe a little inside when I hear comments like, “Wow! Being a wedding photographer would be the best! You JUST work on weekends and make a ton!!” When you hear that on a week where you’re so busy you feel like you can’t breath, it can be a bit much!! I could explain further, but don’t feel like I need to! You’re reading this post because something about the title struck a chord. If you’re a small business owner, or aspiring small business owner, you understand how hard it can be to have something you LOVE, but notice is slowly consume more and more of you. You might feel like no one else understands the work- physically and emotionally you’re pouring in. OR you might feel like everyone has noticed how much you’ve pulled back from a social life to pour more of your time into your business! The business that you’ve built and love can slowly begin to feel like a weight instead of freedom if you aren’t careful with balance!

The reason I can say this is because I’ve been there. I’ve had balance issues with working too little, and too much. Saying “yes” to too many things that forced me to say “no” to other things that would have been better. Making sacrifices that in the end didn’t help my business. Feeling guilty for putting work aside for the evening because I could work just a few more hours. The list goes on and on!

I was going to write a full blog post on this! But as I typed, I realized how passionate I was in sharing this and wanted to do something different! So I created an e-book all about balancing life and business!

I’m sharing my tips for having a well-balanced life and business! I want you to continue LOVING your business and benefiting from the perks of being a small business owner, instead of drowning. I want you to keep your drive and motivation instead of burning out. And I want you to spend time with family and friends instead of working ALL the time, or feeling guilty for not working. And guess what?? I want to do all of these things too!! I wasn’t just writing this for you, but also for myself. This year was not only busy with my business, but with my personal life, too! So finding key ways to successfully balance has been vital!!

I want to share this 9 page e-book with you for FREE! I break things down simply, use lots of pretty pictures of course ;), and get straight to the point of how you can feel the freedom balance brings, and truly enjoy the benefits of owning a small business!



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