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3 Cash Injection Ideas for Photographers

Ready to make some income this month but aren’t sure where to start? Whether it’s a slow booking season, or you want to take some time off of shooting, there are ways you can bring in additional income from photography when needed!

A gift card sale.

Offer a gift card sale to your clients where their session is discounted! I offer larger ones to cover product purchases too. Note what a great a session is for loved ones!

An online gallery sale.

Most online galleries have options to send out a mass email sale to clients. If you aren’t collecting emails when clients sign into their gallery, start TODAY! I LOVE the options pic-time has (use code L3RDGE for a free month). These sales are fulfilled from my gallery so I don’t have to lift a finger!

Have a wall art & album sale.

This is fulfilled through YOU and is how we had a student have a $2k sale from a PAST client. Share you offer custom wall art and albums, and have a limited time discount. Personally reach out to past clients for the BEST results! The more personal, the better!

If you offer weddings, personally reach out to past brides about taking care of their album for them. For portrait clients, offer albums & wall art!

Need help getting started offering prints & heirlooms? We have a free training for you HERE to get you going!


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