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2017 Highlights | Christa Rene Photography

2016_in_review_christa_rene_photography_2285Last year was a whirlwind with a lot of exciting things happening, so I wanted to share some of my highlights from 2016!

My nephew was born! In January 2016, God blessed my sister with the most precious little boy who has only added joy and happiness to all our lives! We love this little one to pieces!!!2016_in_review_christa_rene_photography_2278

I graduated from college! I was so excited to finally be done, mostly because I could now focus on photography FULL time instead of juggling 2 schedules, editing through many classes, and having time to rest and edit after weddings!


I started dating Edward! Now before you roll your eyes thinking I’m just a girl for an opportunity to post about her boyfriend, let me share a little more! I started my senior year, not really sure when I’d seriously date again, and content being single. During my second semester we began hanging out in a group together frequently! I was blown away by his humility, and his kindness he showed everyone around him. We started going out then became “official” in the summer! He’s literally the nicest person I’ve ever met, and I’ve definitely enjoyed spending a lot of the year with him and can’t wait for more!


My friends and I did a road-trip up to New England! It was such a fun experience visiting places I’d dreamed about for years, and now I’m itching to travel way more! Some of my favorite places we went to were Boston, MA, and Newport RI!

2016_in_review_christa_rene_photography_2286I attended my first Creative at Heart Conference! It was just for one day, and took place at Big Spring Farm in Lexington, VA! I was so inspired and left feeling refreshed and became more profitable and efficient when I returned! I really hope to attend more in the future!


I photographed 20 weddings for absolutely amazing couples, and Julia started helping me! She’s extremely talented and adjusted quickly to how I worked, and made wedding days easy and efficient by being there! Her help has been such a positive impact this year, and one of the main reasons I was able to photograph 7 weddings last May and have them edited on time! I just love watching her serve my couples with me, and I’m so excited for her helping again this year!2016_in_review_christa_rene_photography_2283

I hope you had a profitable year, and I can’t wait to see what 2017 brings!!


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