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Jessica & Justin | Greenville, SC Engagement Session | Christa Rene Photography

Jessica came into my life just a few weeks ago. She frantically emailed me, informing me there was a miscommunication and she was out a photographer with her wedding a little more than 1 month out! Thankfully one of my other amazing couples (seriously… my couples are the best!!) was willing to move their engagement session, and I was able to take on her wedding! Even if it’s been a stressful turn of events for Jessica, I’m actually so grateful it happened so we were able to meet, and now I’m so honored to be a part of her and Justin’s wedding! 

I was sitting in Starbucks working until Jessica arrived so we could meet and see if we’d be a great fit (we were!). I was moving seats, and basically my green tea lemonade slipped out of my hand and exploded on the floor (if you know me well, this shouldn’t shock you). I was mortified of course, and while waiting for the un-ammused worker to clean up my spill, the nice blonde standing by the door watching this whole humiliating ordeal smiled at me and said, “Hi, I’m Jessica!” Basically, the fact that she still wanted me to photograph her wedding after seeing that was a huge compliment haha! I let her know things could only go uphill from here 😉

And they definitely did! Her engagement session was like a fairy tale. It had been cloudy all evening, and on the way to her session the sun slipped out from behind the clouds! We met by a beautiful willow tree, then transitioned to a gorgeous house that’s been a favorite of mine! Jessica is just so sweet and encouraging, and Justin basically went along with all our crazy ideas which is reason enough to love him! 

I am thrilled for their upcoming wedding in September, and already can’t wait to share it! But before I get too far ahead of myself, here’s some favorites from their beautiful Greenville, SC engagement session! 


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