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Before sessions start picking up, I want to blog about something a little different. The last workshop was wonderful, and I was later asked if I could mention the photographer blogs I followed when I first got started. 

Just to start off, there is a down side to following a lot of other photographers. As you go along, it’s important to master your OWN style, and be DIFFERENT than everyone else. That’s what makes your photos special right? Well that’s been one of my biggest struggles since I’ve started the business… I’ll look at one photographer’s work, then another, and another, and like a kid in a candy shop I’ll hop around in my mind with what I want my images to look like wanting different things and everything. You can’t get consistent that way! It’s important to settle, yet never ever think you’re done improving. I’m honestly really, really hard on myself and my editing. If I look back, I almost always find multiple things I should have done better in sessions or weddingsAnd while that’s frustrating for me, it helps me not become too proud because I’m constantly seeing where I can and should improve. 

However, I think following those who have become successful ahead of you is a good thing. To be frank, they obviously did something (actually many things) right to make a successful business. Whether it’s how they treat their clients, what editing style and techniques are currently popular, or getting education from tips they post for other photographers, there’s so much to learn from those with more experience. Similar to most things in life, look to those ahead of you who are better. For example, it’s more profitable to study for a test with someone who knows the material better, and constantly makes better grades than yourself. 

So now that you see both sides of following other photographers, I wanted to share the ones I’ve been following. I don’t simply just follow the following photographers for their images, but because they all have genuine hearts and you can just tell by reading their blogs that they have a passion for what they do and more than that, they have character. It’s almost as if you already know someone who doesn’t know you 😉 Sounds silly, but I’ve been following a couple of these ladies for years! Click on their business names to see their sights! 

Katelyn James Photography | The first and one of my favorite photographers is Katelyn James. Her style is clean and classic. Her photos are vibrant and sharp. She’s mastered consistency, and strives to give her clients the best experience. A friend told me about her a couple years ago when I was still starting out, and I’ve been in love with her work ever sense. She also strives to help other photographers learn, and also opens up about other aspects of her life besides photography. She’s become extremely successful in a short amount of time, and I could go through her images for hours! 

Niki Mari Photography | I’ve followed Niki for the longest out of any photographer. Her images are a modern-vintage style, and so captivating and unique you could just click through them excited to see the next one. I’ve also gotten to connect with her through social media, and multiple times (even this week) there are questions I had about photography situations where I wanted to hear a more experienced photographer’s advice, and she has so kindly answered and asked if there’s any more questions I had even though she’s crazy busy running her own business and in college. I feel like I know her already, and am thrilled to hopefully meet up with her this summer! Another thing is she’s my age and also in college. It’s encouraging to see that age or being in college and running a business doesn’t have to stop or hinder you from being successful. It’s also fun  following along so carefully with other photographers, that when couples get married you think, “Hey, I remember their engagement session last year!”

Abby Grace Photography | Another favorite of mine is Abby Grace. All her photos are very clean and clear. I tend to enjoy more of a classy edge, and she definitely has it. The poses she chooses are natural and beautiful, and her work is always stunning. She’s also a great writer and WILL make you laugh! Yet one more thing is she sprinkles in posts for other photographers with their own businesses. I find whenever successful photographers take time to write about their experiences and ways that other photographers can improve to be very helpful, since again, they’re successful, they’ve had more experience, and what they did worked. 

Jordan & Amy | They are a husband and wife team who have a passion for marriage just as much as photography. Their style is soft and light, yet still clean and flawless. They’re another one of those photographers that you feel like you know without meeting since they are so open about their lives, and post other things besides just their images they took. But one of my favorite things about them is their passion to help other photographers. They constantly post ways to improve your images and shooting no matter what stage you are it in photography, so if you’re eager to learn and get practical tips from professionals, follow them!! 

Caroline Logan Photography | This is another photography about my age, and again I am encouraged age doesn’t have to stop you. She started photographing weddings before she could drive, so she’s had a LOT of experience very early! I enjoy her bold, vibrant style, and beautifully captured wedding moments. You can tell by what she writes and the images she takes that she has a very genuine spirit, and a true passion for photography and those timeless moments.

No, those aren’t the only photographers I follow that I like. But this post would be VERY long if I listed ALL of them!!! One thing noticeable is that no two of these businesses’ images or styles are exactly the same. They all have different styles, yet they all make beautiful images. I hope this post is helpful and encouraging for those especially looking for inspirational, successful photographers to follow for engagements and weddings, and I’d love to look at some of your favorite photographers too!! You can click here to go to my Instagram, where I’ve tagged their names in a post! 





Who I Follow | Personal Post



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