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Angela & Philip | Anniversary

From her gorgeous wedding day!!! Photo by Goodman Photography. They were amazing!

From her gorgeous wedding day!!! Photo by Goodman Photography. They were amazing!

Today marks the TWO YEAR anniversary of my fabulous sister and brother-in-law! It’s amazing how fast time flies, and I’m not trying to sound old and wise, but really… it does! I still remember when Angela started dating Philip. We (my middle sister and I) thought it was great! They’d take me out to eat in my non-driving days, and I just LOVED being with them! And then when I heard they were engaged… WHAT!!!??? That was so crazy!! Not because I wasn’t expecting it after a few years of them dating… but it’s my SISTER and she’s ENGAGED! At church the next day, she was literally just sitting there smiling… and smiling… and smiling… but what newly engaged fiancée doesn’t??

    The whole wedding day seemed like such a blur, so I’m so glad she had such amazing photographers capture it (thanks Goodman Photography!!!).  Her wedding was so classy and elegant, and I STILL absolutely love how she did it all! But marriage isn’t just about the ceremony and how well your wedding went, if your flowers stayed alive, if your unity candle actually lit, if any babies were screaming and weren’t taken out of the church because their parents thought it was adorable, or how good your food was. It’s about what’s AFTER the ceremony that lasts. About living for Christ as one instead of two individuals.

     Whether they realize it or not, they are such great examples to me. They’ve stuck together these past two years even when times were hard, they still go on dates, they are active in our church, and they both love Christ, but they now do all these things as a TEAM. Yet they still have time and room for their “little” sister to tag along to Yogurt Mountain or Ruby Tuesday’s on a late weekend night.  My friend joked with me last semester asking if I’m over at their house more than my own. They are there if I ever need advice about a situation, and always let me spend the night if I don’t feel like driving home when it’s late. Plus, through the past two years they’ve acquired two cats and a dog, so yes, I consider myself an aunt to those little munchkins ;). I love these two so much, and can’t wait to take more anniversary photos of them in the many years to come! I’m so glad she is married to a wonderful, caring guy like Phil, and that they let me drag them to the lot across the street for some anniversary photos before coming in for our traditional Sunday night pizza at our parent’s house. Congrats you two lovebirds!!! 


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