Linen Patch | Interview with Hannah

It’s been amazing having the joy of knowing Hannah. And if you know her, you’d agree 100% with me. She’s fun, filled with laughter, compassionate, and focused. She was married recently (view her wedding here) and we’ve kept in touch ever since I had to honor of photographing her wedding day! I will get random texts from her encouraging me in school, my business, and much more. 

I was so excited when she mentioned some head shots for her business, Linen Patch. We worked together over Thanksgiving break, and I didn’t want to keep these to myself! I LOVE working with other small businesses, and what a better idea than blankets? This is perfect for those mamas skeptical about what is in the blankets their babies are using. But enough of me ranting, and here’s my interview with Hannah! And don’t forget to check out her website and Facebook page!

I hear you started a business, what type of business is it?

I started a business called the Linen Patch. It began when I realized I wanted to do more to help Haiti than just travel down there once a year to help with projects.  The Haitians are in dire need of the Gospel but also food and jobs.  The mission I’ve been going to for the last few years started an agriculture program for farmers in Haiti to learn about agriculture but also to provide seeds and funding.  That is where a portion of each sale of the Linen Patch products goes toward growing (no pun intended) agriculture development through teaching and seed funding.  I get so excited thinking about how Linen Patch is taking shape- it makes all the growing pains worth it!


What products does Linen Patch sell?

Currently we sell 100% linen baby blankets but we plan on expanding our line in 2015 to include linen accessories, sprays and organic goods.  We’re in the exciting phase of trial and error right now.  


Have you ever started a business before?

I’ve thought about it countless times but didn’t take the first step until the Linen Patch.  Linen Patch has my heart completely in it and is not a job at all- I feel it’s a calling.  My bookshelf is full of books like ReWork, Bootstrapping Your Business, etc.  There are great resources out there but the best experience is just doing it. Choose what you love and dive in!


Why are you doing 100% linen and organic goods?

It actually goes back to my experience in Haiti by sleeping in a linen sleep sack my mom made for me.  Linen is thermoregulating, so that means it keeps your body an appropriate temperature.  The fibers are also very waxy so bugs don’t like to get in it or around it.  I’ve slept in that linen sack every night I’ve gone to Haiti and I’ve had minimal bug bites compared to my other Haitian companions, and I also slept so much deeper!  No waking up in a hot sweat or cool (which doesn’t really happen in Haiti).  I though it would be such a great thing for babies since they can’t tell us when they are hot or cold.  So far I haven’t had any complaints but have repeat buyers!

The organic goods come from the hippie side of me.  I like to know what I’m eating and what I’m putting on my body.  Our bodies know how to process organic molecules, and I believe if we stay as close to organic as possible we will be better for it.  Haitians need food- but the ones who receive nutritional food in it natural state do not have the health issues that plague Americans. This isn’t an American or Haitian issue only though- that goes for every country around the world.  I couldn’t run a business that didn’t align with my values.  ☺

View more on Linen Patch’s website and Facebook page!





Linen Patch | Interview with Hannah



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