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Campbell Family | Greenville, SC Family Session | Greenville, SC Family Photographer

This session was a little more personal for me because it is actually my sister’s family! The fun part is, I’ve gotten to photograph each one of his siblings before in some way. In fact, his sister’s wedding was the very first wedding I second-shooter for!!! Ah talk about scary! 😉 But this family was so sweet!

I get asked, “Do you photograph large groups?” Um, YES!! I LOVE family sessions- no matter how big or how small. To be honest, it is a little harder to make sure everyone has their eyes open and is looking at the camera (especially with young kids), but it’s honestly a blast!

They were gracious enough to get out of bed on a Saturday morning and we headed out. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect, and I’m loving that fall is finally coming… slowly but surely!! It’s was wonderful to see Philip’s laughing, hugging, and making my job so easy!!! Really… I had to keep snapping so I wouldn’t miss any of their precious moments! Enjoy their family session!


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