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Kristen | Greer, SC Senior Photographer | Greer, SC Senior Portraits

I honestly don’t know where to begin with this girl! Maybe the fact that she had such a sweet spirit, or that her style is absolutely amazing, or that she was a complete natural with posing! She just flowed through each pose, and absolutely knocked her session out of the park! If you’re a 2015 senior sitting there nervous since you don’t think posing is as natural for you, DON’T WORRY! I promise! I tell you exactly what to do so there’s no pressure on your part 🙂

It’s great when seniors take a lot of time planning their session, such as what to wear, their hair, and Kristen knew exactly what she wanted down to her shoes and bringing an extra outfit just in case. That really helps the photographer out when you feel prepared and can focus on posing rather than having to worry if the outfit is really ok for pictures. I like to tell people, “Pictures are forever, so it’s OKAY to take some extra time on how you look!” 

Aaaand I could just go on and on about how wonderful it was working with Kristen, about all the laughing, getting swarmed by pesky little gnats, and how I loved that she had a little of a hippie soul, but you’re here to see photos!! With all that being said, I am booking 2015 senior portrait sessions, and fall is my absolute FAVORITE time of year! Also, seniors are one of my favorite sessions to photograph, so I’m obviously way too excited to share beautiful Kristen!


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