Why Your Online Gallery Sales Are So Low

Why Your Online Gallery Sales Are So Low

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Are you spending a ton of time doing shoot and burn sessions, sharing your online gallery, only to see minimal results? While your clients have the option to purchase from your online gallery, many are not, So let’s dig into this issue a bit.

When I initially started with photography, I would shoot a session, send the clients the online gallery, and then if they wanted to print anything from the session, they could do so from there. If they wanted something I wasn’t offering, I’d refer them to another company.

I soon realized that I wasn’t serving my clients in the best possible way that I could. In fact, I was doing a disservice by not helping them. So, why were they not ordering from the online gallery?

First of all, your clients are overwhelmed. They have no idea what they need, what’s going to print well, or what’s going to frame well. They often aren’t familiar with the process of getting products done, so they resort to digital downloads to share on social media and then stop there. Even if you have clients who haven’t purchased prints or products from your online gallery before, that doesn’t mean they don’t actually want them – they just need guidance.

The other part of this is that they don’t know the value of having prints because they don’t have an expert explaining it to them, and this is where you come in. You get to be the expert to guide them through the value of having their photos in their homes.

So, how can we change this? You can still run sales for your online gallery. It’s completely passive income. I have an online gallery, Pic-Time that I deliver images in, and you can get a free month using my link. This is also a great way to collect email addresses so when you have sales, you can blast out those online gallery sales for the holidays.

But that’s still not enough. When I talk about making money from products, I’m talking about making 6 figures in products, and online gallery sales are not going to get you there. Having the client figure it out on their own won’t get you there.

Having a conversation about products even before the session occurs is essential. Ask them about the purpose of the session, the value they see in it, and how they envision enjoying their photos. Do they want something big and beautiful on the wall in their home? Do they want an album that tells the whole story of the session? You can even consider going into their homes or having a video chat to learn about their space and suggest the best spots for their photos.

Taking these steps will give your clients amazing products from their session, but also give you an awesome cash injection by offering this elevated service. You can achieve this without ever having past online gallery sales, without a studio, and even without prior sales experience. What you are doing is educating and sharing the value of products with your clients and guiding them from start to finish.

In this episode, we chat about:

  • My journey from only offering an online gallery to offering prints and products
  • The overwhelm clients feel when choosing prints on their own
  • How many clients lack the understanding of the value of prints and products
  • The importance of educating and guiding your clients through the whole process from beginning to end
  • How you can give your clients an elevated service

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Why Your Online Gallery Sales Are So Low



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