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Stephanie | Greenville, SC Maternity Session | Christa Rene Photography

greenville_south_carolina_maternity_session_christa_rene_photography_2045I’ve done photos for Stephanie and her amazing blog, Olive & Tate, for the last few years, and her Greenville, SC maternity session is a favorite!! She’s always been such a joy to work with, and she’s become a great friend! She has the cutest little boy I’ve loved photographing as he’s grown, and now she’s ready to have another baby!! And I can hardly wait!

But let me share a little about Stephanie. She’s a TON of fun, she cares deeply about others, and she is one of those people who could make a trip to CVS the greatest trip of your life. There was one day we were doing a shoot at Anthropologie the morning before I had class. It came to the time I’d have to head out and not miss my 9:30am, and she looked at me and said, “Christa, if you stay, I will buy you an Anthropologie necklace.” I got a lot of wear out of that necklace 😉 But shoots with her are always an adventure!

And while most of our shoots include fashion or lifestyle shots, this one was different! Because this shoot wasn’t about promoting another brand, or sharing what incredible things she’s done to remodel her home, or what life is like being mama to a toddler. This shoot was about HER and her growing family. And that’s more important than anything!

So here’s the first of many shoots to come about her next little one!! And Stephanie absolutely KILLED it in her dress! Not to mention it was absolutely freezing with the wind, and you’d never know! We also did it in about 15 minutes (new record??)!

Here’s Stephanie’s beautiful maternity session! And when you’re done check out her blog here! (I’ll include a link at the end so you can look at how gorgeous she is first!!)


Don’t forget to check out her blog here!!


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