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Stephanie Bridal Portraits | Greenville, SC Bridal Session

How do you even begin to describe how special it is to take your SISTER’S bridal portraits???
Stephanie and Tommy have been dating for a few years, and we’re THRILLED they’re finally married! Their day at Edinburgh West was a dream!!
I was asked multiple times if I was photographing it, and the answer is no! I got to be her sister and matron of honor that day, BUT I did get to take her bridal portraits a couple weeks before the wedding!

Even though we didn’t get along too well as kids and into high school, in college we became fast friends. We lived together a few months before Edward and I got married, and I’ll always treasure those precious memories! We became best friends. She always had my back, and made sure people knew if they bothered me, she’d be after them!

She’s a big reason I even started dating Edward- I was really anxious about dating during that season, and she assured me he’d be a wonderful fit. She was right!!
I love you so much, Stephanie! You were the most beautiful bride, and it was an honor to capture your beauty for your bridal portraits!! Congrats, Mrs. Colavito!!

Dress | Wildflower Bridal
Hair & Makeup | Cotton Rouge and Co


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