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A Start to Getting Published | Christa Rene Photography

I remember making it a major goal last year to get published! I had always felt that only photographers better than me could have something published, and didn’t know if this was something I could reach!

But since last August, I’ve been published 10 times. The year before that? One. And guess what? I made ONE change to increase my publications by 10 times. I signed up for Two Bright Lights!

It’s a program I pay per month for, and allows me to easily upload galleries, add vendors, and submit to publishers! Instead of a custom email and gallery to each individual wedding publication like I had done before, I’m able to blast out a gallery to multiple publications with one click for them to look through! Here’s some things I’ve found publishers are looking for that has allowed weddings to be selected by publishers:

  1. Details!! Shoot and include a ton of the details in your publication! Most of my rejection emails have been because the details weren’t what they were looking for, and there weren’t enough of them! It feels weird including almost as many details shots as shots of the bride and groom, but details are so important!
  2. Vendors! I send my brides a questionnaire beforehand asking for vendor info! Include any and all vendors your brides have as a part of their wedding day!
  3. A sweet story! There’s a place to include a little exert along with the gallery! Include a cute story about your couple they can use when publishing it!


For every publication, I’ve probably received at least 10-20 rejection emails. So hang in there, and don’t be discouraged! One publication is worth 50 rejection emails for me! It takes a lot of perseverance and work, but is so worth it and this program makes it so easy! I hope these steps are helpful in getting published! I’d love to hear about your success!


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