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Pam & Jeremy | Greenville, SC Downtown Engagement| Christa Rene Photography

If you had talked to me anytime between the age of 5 and when I started college, I’d have told you I was going to be a teacher! I’d sit and teach my stuffed animals on a daily basis when I was little! No seriously, in my high school yearbook they did a section on future occupations and I’m there as a future teacher! My dad has taught at a university for over 20 years, so I think he was a little bummed when a few months before I started my Freshman year of college I changed my major to business! All that being said, teaching and education has such a special place in my heart, and I dream about teaching others about photography and how they can grow their business!

What does that have to do with anything? Pam and Jeremy are BOTH teachers and met teaching at the same school!! How cute is that?? So they’re basically a power couple, and one of the most fun and patient couples you’ll meet! I always say it takes a very special person to teach (especially middle school!), and these two are no exception. They’re so giving, and one of those couples that just makes each other laugh so, so easily! So not only do I just adore them as a couple, I have a LOT of respect for them and their super amazing occupation!!

Even though we were a little threatened by the rain, we decided to give it a go! They had amazing ideas, and went along with all my suggestions! Even when it included standing in the rain for a few shots!!

So here’s these two amazing people, just a glimpse of the love and connection theY have for each other, and one of the most fun sessions downtown I’ve photographed! They’re so laid back and goodness I’m excited for their wedding!

Enjoy this downtown Greenville, SC engagement sessionGive me ALLL the long flowy skirts!! 
Perks of shooting downtown when it’s raining on and off: very few people are there walking around 😉 

SO obsessed with her ring!!!


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