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I’m SO excited to share that at the start of 2019, we decided to restructure our business by making some big changes to serve our clients BEST! I totally understand how busy life gets- especially as a busy mom, wife, daughter, etc! So instead of leaving our clients with having to figure out how to choose their favorite images, what to order, find a print lab, and choose how to display their favorite images, we want to help!!

This year, Christa Rene Photography will guide each of our clients through an in-person design session after their portrait session, so you can go home excited about all of the wonderful heirlooms you’ll have to display!

After getting married, there’s nothing I love more than enjoying the printed pictures of our wedding day. There’s a print by our bed I wake up and stare out, feeling all of the emotions all over again! It’s so special having tangible memories of our day!

Twenty, 30 years from now, when you’re telling your love story to your children (or grandchildren), what will you show them? Will you show your Facebook album? Will you show them your phone? No, because they won’t be there!This is why every client that chooses Christa Rene Photography has options for albums, gorgeous wall hangings, and prints! Digitals live on usbs, in desk drawers, on the crowded cloud where they become hard to find and not as enjoyed. I see the image next to our bed multiple times every single day. I enjoy it so much more and to a much fuller extent than the same image saved on my phone and computer!  I’ve had clients come back from YEARS before asking for the gallery link again so they could download and print images! And I completely understand how that can happen with everything going on! So we want to take that pressure off!

We believe when you hire a photographic artist, you deserve to experience that investment over and over again. Relive this time over and over again, and display it for the world to see! As industry experts, there’s nothing we love more than providing you with this joy!! That is why we now offer a full service design experience to our clients!

Because a digital file is not a finished service and actually creates more work for our clients, we want to take away that additional time and research by providing an amazing process and printing options for you! We realized we were jeopardizing the quality of the prints representing our brand! When an order is placed with a quick print lab, or printer not calibrated with our systems, the coloring of the photographs is often inaccurate. We only offer products we believe in that are guaranteed to be 100% right, and also offer the high resolution digitals to these print options!

If you’ve already booked a portrait session with us, don’t worry! Nothing will change if you’ve already booked! But we are so excited to serve future clients to an even fuller extent and offer an even better experience for you!!

Thank you SO much for all of your support and love, it means the world and we are thrilled to get to serve you this year!! Interested in a portrait session? I’d absolutely LOVE to hear from you! Fill our contact form HERE, or email me directly anytime at christa@christarenephotography.com!





Our Elevated Portrait Experience! | Christa Rene Photography



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