One Our One Year Anniversary

One year (plus a few days!) we become husband and wife! And what an amazing year! I’m sharing some of my favorite moments from this year and what we’ve learned!

Photo by Kristy & Vic Photography

Some of our favorite moments besides our wedding day was going to Colorado for our honeymoon! We’ve found it’s going to be rare to have an entire week off of work together, so this time stepping away was such a gift! One of the best things I did was stayed off of social media and put my phone aside that week to fully focus on my new husband. We loved exploring Denver and Breckenridge!

Another favorite was when Edward planned a quick trip to Bluffton at the beginning of the summer! There happened to be a golf tournament going on that weekend 😉 He even rented a little sports car, and we cruised around this cute beach city!

We took a few days up in the mountains last summer which was so special, but one of our favorite trips was to DC for our one year anniversary! Again, Edward planned it and it was so special to get away! We loved exploring and spending a couple days away!

But what we’ve found is that you don’t have to go far to enjoy time together. Even the smallest things were special- because they were with Edward. Some of our favorite little things are walking around Costco hand in hand, Marshalls Home Goods and TJ Maxx, or snuggling on the couch eating Little Ceasers pizza and crazy bread!

The pizza really came in handy on nights I maybe dropped the ball on dinner plans 😉

When we first got married, our house was still going through some renovations. We barely had any working kitchen appliances, no working washer and dryer, and even our kitchen table hadn’t been moved in yet! But these things are so small and allowed me to learn lots of Crock Pot recipes, and snuggle on the couch a little extra during meals!

We had our first Christmas together, and started our own traditions special to the two of us that we plan to carry out year to year! AND it was my first time having a real Christmas tree! I still remember the fun we had picking it out together!

And a couple months ago, our little family grew! We brought home our little Shihpoo, Maggie! She’s a bouncing ball of joy and fun always eager for us to get home to play with her!

One thing we’ve learned this year is to focus on what really matters. When differences come up, it’s been important to really see how small of a deal these things are. We want to focus on what’s truly important, and what will matter years to come! We’ve had an incredible support system along the way! We live close to both our families, who have been there at moment’s notice to help with anything we need- whether that meant staying over a few nights when the contractors took longer on the house than expected, helping with house projects, and more! We have been truly blessed with the family we have!

Photo by Ashlea Snell Photography

And we’ve learned more about ourselves and each other during this year! We are two broken sinners Christ saved. We’ve had to come to terms with the fact that we can’t do this whole marriage thing on our own! But with God’s grace, and personal growth as well as growing together, its’ been the best year ever!

It’s cool to look back at where we were last year, and where we are now! We’ve grown in so many areas, and have really used our strengths to help each others’ weaknesses. We’ve learned how to comfort each other during times of loss. How to communicate even on frustrating days. That we can find so much joy in the small things we do together. I know we’ve both learned what patience and love looks like on another level! Edward is so great at reminding us to enjoy each day instead of always looking ahead to what’s next. I’m so grateful God has blessed me with him.

Photo by Costola Photography

We are so grateful for year one, and everything it’s brought. We thank and praise the Lord for the blessings He’s brought us, and can’t wait for year two!!





One Our One Year Anniversary



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